Workout Guide: How To Get Ready For Summer Sport

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It’s that time of year beloved by Australians… SUMMER SPORT SEASON! Whether you’re a soccer fanatic, netball enthusiast or rugby reveller, you know that to play your best you need to be in your best shape! Follow this 4 Week Summer Sport Workout Guide and increase your fitness levels with a mix of cardio and strength training for your social sport season. 



We haven’t included speeds for the treadmill training portions, as we recommend you work to your capacity. Choose a speed that allows you to keep pace for however long it takes you to complete the 3-5kms. You may get faster over the 4 weeks, or choose to start adding an incline to increase that heart rate! Just remember to try not to hold onto the edges of the treadmill! It’s better to run on a flatter incline or at a slower pace with bursts of speed to ensure you use your whole body.


Always work to your ability! The perfect weight of dumbbells, medicine balls and kettlebells for you to lift is one that allows you to maintain form throughout, and feels difficult on the final few reps of a set (we recommend 10-15 reps and 3 sets for each below). Overdoing it could lead to injury, so go easy or risk your season ending early. 


If you have any pre-existing health issues, please speak to a health professional before undertaking a training program.




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Want more? Chat to club staff about finding the perfect Personal Trainer for you and your goals. Our PTs will be able to provide you a personalised workout plan with a wider variety of exercises and techniques.They’ll also be able to check and correct your technique, as ultimately, this is the most important element of weight training.




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