Many of us have the goal “lose 5kgs” on our lists when summer starts approaching. Firstly, it’s important to remember that weight is just a number and not necessarily an indicator or health. Secondly, we also know that we’re all a little less active in winter and tend to turn to comfort foods, so perhaps you’re looking to slim down a little for your physical and mental wellbeing. While there is no one perfect way to lose weight as every body is different, however a mix of healthy eating and exercise is a sustainable, effective and safe way to shed those kilos.

Follow this 6 Week Workout and Nutrition Guide for Losing 5kgs and you’ll reset your health and fitness with new habits, an active lifestyle and plenty of nutritious food. Part of a sustainable weight loss program is ensuring the calorie deficit isn’t too extreme so you’re not hungry and stressing your body, as well as balancing exercise to support you rather than tiring you out. 


If you have any pre-existing health issues, please speak to a health professional before undertaking training. This program is 6 weeks long as it is not recommended by health professionals to lose more than 1kg per week. 


All exercises should be performed at medium intensity (think working hard, slight puffing and able to speak a few words of a conversation). Slow down or speed up as needed, but it’s important to try to keep your heart rate in the zone that allows you to stay consistent with your training. The below is just a guide, please feel free to move around days and exercises as your schedule and class availability suits. The key things to remember are to incorporate some strength training (BodyPump class) and some HIIT exercises (HIIT and Athletic classes).

Get the Lose 5kgs 6 Week Exercise Plan


To make meal prep easy, we have given 1-2 options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each week. Feel free to mix and match as you prefer, or keep it even more simple and eat the same meal everyday. Vegetarians can sub out meat and seafood for beans of tofu. 


Get the Lose 5kgs 6 Week Nutrition Plan

Want more? Chat to club staff about finding the perfect Personal Trainer for you and your goals. Our PTs will be able to provide you a personalised workout plan with a wider variety of exercises and techniques.


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