How old do I have to be to join Fitness First?

You are required to be 14 years or older to take up a membership. A guardian signature is required on your contract and pre-exercise questionnaire.

Does Fitness First offer student discounts?

Fitness First offers a 20% discount for students on full priced month to month, 12 and 18 month memberships. To access the discount on a student gym membership bring your student ID for verification when signing up in club. Find out more here.

To be eligible for a student discount membership, you must be:  

  • At least 14 years of age.  

  • A current student at an Australian institution with a valid student ID. 

  • Have not been a member of Fitness First for 90 days prior to the commencement date of the Offer Period. 

T&Cs Apply.

If I have any queries about my membership or club who do I speak to?

You can contact your local club by calling 1300 55 77 99. Our teams are happy to help you with any questions or feedback you have. If you’d prefer to speak to the Club Manager please let our team know. If the Club Manager isn’t immediately available, they will ensure you are contacted as soon as possible.

How do I update my personal details and/or account details?

You can update your details by contacting your local club by calling 1300 55 77 99

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes you can, we call our hold option Time Freeze. Time Freeze is available for a minimum period of 2 weeks up to a maximum of 4 weeks each calendar year at a cost of $5 per week. If you are within minimum term, Time Freeze is not classified as a full payment toward your minimum agreement period. 

You can freeze your membership on our Member Portal. To access the portal for the first time, click ‘Unlock account?’ and follow the prompts. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, please contact your club on 1300 55 77 99 and speak directly with staff, our friendly team will walk you through your membership details and discuss all suitable options.

How do I make a complaint?

We welcome your feedback and we want to hear about ways we can assist you with any concerns you may have. If you have a complaint, please have a chat with our team in club. Alternatively, you can Contact Us here.

I've been debited $7.99, what is this for?

For all new agreements from 3 July 2023, this is an Account Service Fee. This fee is payable each quarter and includes: 

  • Account billing services   

  • Access management   

  • Membership Transfer  

  • Membership Portal services  

  • Fitness First App 


Can I bring a friend to the club?

Absolutely! If a visiting friend or family member would like to workout with you, they’ll receive access to the same privileges as you for a nominal fee: $32 per visit to any Platinum club, $25 per visit to any Passport club, $22 as a guest of a member and/or a child aged 16-17.

Can my children wait for me in the members' lounge while I workout?

Unfortunately, you cannot leave your child at reception. Our reception staff are not able to supervise your child in Reception as they are not qualified. 

Who can I ask if I have trouble using the equipment?

Our fitness team are there to help answer your questions if you get stuck. 

When’s the quietest time to visit the club?

On weekdays the clubs are generally busiest before work, at lunchtime and after work. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, pay a visit just after lunch or in the afternoon.

Do I need to bring my own towel?

Yes. You’ll need your own towel to dry off and to wipe down equipment after use so it’s sweat-free for the next member. 

How do I use the lockers?

Your membership card gives you access to the lockers. The SmartCard System is activated as soon as you swipe into the club. Simply swipe your membership card to lock and unlock your chosen locker.

Lockers are only available for use during your workout and will automatically open when the club closes in the evening. While care is taken to ensure the security of our lockers, we can’t accept responsibility for items lost or damaged through theft or misplacement.

What happens if I lose something in the changing rooms?

Let reception know as soon as possible so we can check if someone’s handed it in. However, we can’t be held responsible for mislaid items.

What if I lose my membership card?

Don't worry, just let reception know and they will be able to issue you with a new card at a small fee.

Which clubs have swimming pools?

NSW: George St Platinum (Sydney CBD), Chatswood Platinum, Sylvania, Dee Why, St Leonards, Carlingford, Rockdale, Top Ryde Platinum and Willoughby Platinum, Pitt St Platinum VIC: Bayside, St Kilda

What should I do if the fire alarm sounds?

Don't Panic. Our fully trained team will tell you what to do and guide you to safety. In the event of an alarm during unstaffed hours, please press your nearest duress intercom and ask for assistance.

Are the team first aid trained?

All team members are First Aid and CPR trained. In the unlikely event that someone is injured, there are first aid boxes located at reception and in the gym as well as being equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators.

Are there any social events for members and staff?

Yes, they’re great fun and an excellent way of getting to know everyone. To find out more about our fitness challenges or special themed classes, ask reception or keep an eye on the member notices around the club.


Joined in the last 7 days

If you're a new member in the first 7 days of your membership and you have a change of mind and decide you'd like to leave, just let us know and we'll sort everything out for you. 

Any membership fees paid in those 7 days will be refunded, with the exception of an administration fee that will be payable unless all membership access cards and merchandise have been returned within 7 days of cancelling. 

To cancel within the first 7 days of starting, please speak to your friendly club staff or contact your local club via 1300 55 77 99


How quickly will I see results when using the gym?

It depends on several factors including how often you attend, what exercise you do, what you eat and drink and what your goal is. But with a balanced diet, regular exercise and motivation to stay on track, you could start to see some positive changes within 4 weeks.

I’ve never used a gym before. What support is on offer?

Our goal is to not only help you reach your goals, but to help you create a lasting fitness habit.

That’s why there’s always a member of the fitness team on hand to help with advice on training and nutrition, industry-leading instructors to support and guide you in our Group Exercise classes and a network of Personal Trainers ready to motivate you throughout your fitness journey.

Reach out to one of our fitness pros and you'll have access to support, motivation and fitness expertise. 

I have an injury/illness. Can I still use the gym?

Yes, but we’d recommend you get the OK from your doctor before working out. Research has shown that regular exercise can prevent, slow down and even reverse some symptoms. Our team has experience creating exercise regimes specific to injuries and illness so ask a member of the fitness team for advice and support.

Do I need to be fit before I join?

Not at all. In fact, if you’re unfit the gym is the best place for you. But one thing is certain: with our energetic and passionate fitness teams you’ll soon be fit after joining.

I'm new to classes. Are there any I shouldn’t do?

All of our classes are suitable for all fitness levels and there is plenty of variety to ensure there’s a class to suit all training styles. Don’t be scared of trying something new. If you find it isn’t for you, simply try something else next time but you never know, you might discover a talent you never knew you had. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to try a class three times before making a call that it doesn't suit you.