You might have just found a fitness routine that works for you, but all of a sudden, workout boredom gets the better of you. Here’s a quick guide to bust out of your exercise rut. 

Pump-up your playlist

Just like a repetitive gym routine, your playlist can start to sound a broken record - uninspiring and deflating. Depending on the workout you choose, research has shown that the right tune can help motivate you through a tough workout, decrease perception of exercise intensity, and even increase the distance travelled, pace, or repetitions completed. So every time you hear a song that makes you want to move, add it to your favourites and pump it up for that last set of deadlifts or last 5 km run.

Add some class

Switch up your solo routine with a social spin, a Zumba dance-off, or 30-min HIIT. There’s nothing like a group workout and a sassy instructor to spice up your fitness regime. Plus, the group mentality could stir up some extra motivation and infuse some more fun and laughter into your day.

Good company

Working out with a mate is not only an opportune time to catch up in between sets, but also  holds you accountable to turn up to training to achieve that 5-day streak. So when you need a bit more of a push, enlist a friend to send that reassuring 6am text message – “I’m up… You up? Get up!”

Mix it up

Maybe the daily gym grind is getting you down? The 5.30am alarm, a steady-state 30-mins on the elliptical, followed by bench press…. Repeat. If you’re not challenging your body with variety, your muscles quickly adapt to repetitive movements, which could lead to a stand-still in your progress or weight loss plateau. Variety is really the spice of workout success, so changing exercises up every few weeks will help you push through. Better still, sign up for a fitness challenge with a specific start and end date to help give you the extra focus towards achieving and maintaining your health and fitness goals.

Go easy on yourself

As humans, we are creature of habits, but going too hard too soon, week after week can spell burnout. If you’re just not feeling the urge to pound the pavement or continue another set of burpees, take some time out! Sometimes that little break in routine is enough to give you space to substitute other activities, set a new goals, new challenges and fine-tune your focus so the inclination to make up excuses for not working out disappears. 


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