Slide into the depths of winter with a glowing body from head to toe. Sarah Brooks-Wilson rounds up everything you need to know to keep your body on track during the colder months.

Your summer glow is just a distant memory and those cold, dry wintry winds are probably starting to take their toll. Think crispy split ends, dry and leathery skin, not to mention a few extra fine lines. If this sounds like you, a beauty self-care strategy will get your body back on track. 


Make the most of every minute in the shower. Showering can be one of the main causes of dryness (hot water and soap or overly detergent shower gel is a moisture-sapping mix), so it’s important to use a wash that helps hydrate the skin. Shower time is also the perfect place to give your body a scrub to get rid of dry, flaky and sun-blasted skin. Do this once a week before washing using either an exfoliating mitt or body scrub. 

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With the humidity of summer long gone and the cold setting in, your skin may start to feel dry and itchy as there’s less moisture in the air to help hydrate it. For an intensive moisture treat, the latest lotions and creams absorb fast, leave no stickiness and offer long-lasting hydration to bring back moisture after a few days and keep skin supple. Just get into the habit of applying every day after showering. 

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You need to constantly protect your skin against the daily assaults - we all know the dangers of sunlight, but don’t forget the chemical smog of air pollutants from traffic can affect the quality of skin, too. Biologi dermal specialist Lucy Macdougald says that this damage can leave skin dry, dull and cause damage to the sensitive barrier function, leading to discomfort and cracked skin. Not only can this cause inflammation and damage the cells in the deeper dermis via the process of oxidative dress, it can also lead to premature ageing and pigmentation. She recommends using daily antioxidant protection to help break down these pollutants. 

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Show your weary soles a little love with some intense scrubbing and a foot treatment. In the shower, simply massage a scrub all over the feet, concentrating on cracked heels and stubborn areas of hard skin. Then add moisture with a food cram containing fruit and salicylic acid to smooth tough skin. For even deeper hydration, slip on some cotton socks so your creams transform tired trotters while you sleep. 

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Don’t forget your face! When skin is in need of some serious TLC, you need to up your everyday routine. That means cleansing with nourishing formulas instead of gels to reinvigorate dry, lackluster skin, applying a serum to give it a boost and using more intensive moisturiser before applying sunscreen. You need your products to be superheroes to keep your skin protected. Cleansing your face with an oil balm will nourish rather than strip the skin of essential lipids. 

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Nothing says recharged like radiant and hydrated skin. An energising serum is like eight hours of sleep in a bottle and if it’s packed with skin-repairing ingredients, it’s even better. Just massage into your face and glow. 

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Use a night cream to repair while you sleep, preferably one packed with anti-ageing, hydrating and skin firming benefits so you wake up peachy. 

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Don’t forget to extend your skincare to your neck, decolletage and chest, as too much sync exposure - even in winter - can leave it looking crepey. Targeted formulas contain more potent ingredients to smooth the skin and will leave your chest nourished and less lined. 

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Give your hair some care during winter to restore it to its crowning glory. Repair with intensive conditioners and nourishing weekly hair masks, and you’ll see the shine come back. While conditioning is advisable for most of us, it’s particularly recommended when your locks have become dehydrated and damaged due to dry, cold conditions. Switch your conditioner to a more intense formula and as with your skincare routine, haircare is more effective when you use complementary products that are tailored to your specific needs. When shopping, look for the words “damage”, “repair”, “Strengthening” and “hydrating” on your hair products, as they’ll rebuild inner resilience while smoothing damaged cuticles. 

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