Instead of chewing up irreplaceable moments of your time on mindless games and social networks, start using apps designed by health experts to help you improve all aspects of your life. Question is, which ones should you use? Our digital team has trawled through the app store and found the very best health and fitness apps available. From sleep monitors to brain boosters, these apps will help you monitor your wellbeing so you’re feeling fabulous in no time.

Sleep: AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

Countless studies point to the fact that we all need a good night’s sleep. But we often kid ourselves that we’re getting enough z’s … and then wonder why we feel so hazy all of the time. Not any more. This awesome app tracks your sleeping patterns, giving you the proof (or otherwise) that you got your eight hours last night.

Download: iOS | Unavailable on Android (try Sleep Time)

Meditation: Headspace Guided Meditation

We’re slightly smitten with the cute animations and incredibly accessible teachings on Headspace. This easy-to-use meditation app will have you floating through the day on a cloud of calm in no time. As well as meditations, it’s got mindfulness exercises that help you focus on things that matter most to you, which is so important when you’re on a journey to maximise your wellbeing.

Download: iOS | Android

Heart rate: HeartWatch Heart & Activity

Want to know just how much faster your heart beats after your morning coffee? Or what about during a workout? Pair this excellent app with your Apple Watch to monitor your heartbeat, check for any irregularities, track your improved fitness over time, and more. The data captured by this handy app can be taken to your medical practitioner if you’ve ever got concerns about your heart health.

Download: iOS | Unavailable on Android (try Accurate Heart Rate Monitor)

Water: WaterMinder®

How much H2O do you drink each day? If you struggle to slurp up to the 2L target, then perhaps you need a little incentive. WaterMinder reminds you to drink water throughout the day, based on your body weight or personal goal. It’s designed to keep you well-hydrated so you don’t risk symptoms of dehydration like fatigue and dizziness. Bottoms up!

Download: iOS | Android 



Period tracker: Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

Ladies, rejoice! This smart, simple app will accurately predict your menstrual cycle and tell you when you’re ovulating. If you’re trying to fall pregnant, this data is gold. Even if you’re not, it can help you to track your cycle, monitor pre-menstrual symptoms and generally stay in touch with your body.

Download: iOS | Android

Brain training: Elevate Brain Training

Described as a ‘cognitive pick-me-up’ by Washington Post, Elevate is our go-to when we want to give our neurons a workout. The games on the app are designed by education experts, and you get a personalised training program to match your IQ and cognitive goals. They’re fun and slightly addictive … but you can play them virtuously, knowing that you’re doing your brain a favour.

Download: iOS | Android

Stress management: Calm

Simply called Calm, this app helps to melt the worries of the day away so that you can fall asleep easier. With guided meditations, beautiful little stories, soothing sounds and breathing exercises, this app makes it easy to de-stress and unwind. You could also use this app to help ditch unhealthy habits and get one step closer to a well-balanced and fulfilled life.

Download: iOS | Android

Weight loss: Lifesum Food & Diet Tracker

We love how easy it is to track your eating habits on this handy app. Not only can you enter in everything you eat during the day – whether by scanning barcodes or entering details manually – but you can also explore delicious recipes, get expert diet advice and personalised meal plans to help you reach your weight loss goals. It’s like having a food coach in your pocket, giving you the nudge you need to reach your target.

Download: iOS | Android