Have you overindulged this weekend or holiday season? Don't stress, food is a huge part of life– sharing treats and meals with loved ones is so good for your overall wellbeing. But if you’re a little worried about the aftermath, particularly if you’ve been working hard so far this year, then put this workout in your diary. It only takes 30 minutes, gets your heart rate up and helps to melt away the calories you’ve consumed. 

30 minute Fat Burning HIIT workout

This high-intensity workout is big on the cardio to burn fat, and also helps you build power and strength. When you take the warm up and cool down out of the equation, the hard work only takes 20 minutes – making it very achievable, mentally and physically.

You’ll need:

  • Rowing machine

  • Kettlebell

  • Medicine ball

  • Box

  • Suspension Training equipment.

Warm up with two sets of body weight walking lunges and two sets of 1-min easy effort on the rower. Then, assemble your gear and get ready to go. You’ll be alternating between the exercises shown below, going through the complete rotation four times.

1. Kettlebell swings (25 reps)

This is great for working the posterior chain, and building on your power and strength. Top tips: Don’t bend your knees too much – this is a hip exercise. As you raise the kettlebell, drive forwards with your hips; then, when the kettlebell is at shoulder height, squeeze those glutes for extra effort.

2. Med ball burpees (15 reps)

As if burpees alone aren’t hard enough! This is an awesome whole-body exercise that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Top tips: To protect your lower back, brace your core throughout the whole movement. And don’t forget that perfect plank – you want neutral hips when you’re in the plank and push-up positions (no bums poking out!).

3. Suspended mountain climbers (20 each leg)

With the added resistance of the TRX machine, this move is great for core strength and stability. Top tips: Make sure your hands are placed directly beneath your shoulders, and try to maintain that perfect plank position throughout (in this one, don’t let your lower back drop into that classic ‘banana back’ position).

4. Box jumps (15 reps)

Get those fast-twitch fibres in your legs working with this amazing exercise for power, strength and endurance. Top tips: Pick a box height that challenges you to smash out 15 reps in a set. And don’t forget the landing – your knees should be tracking out over your toes.

5. 200m rowing sprint

Fantastic for cardiovascular fitness, this gets your upper and lower body working to burn energy. Top tips: Get into a powerful rhythm by driving through the feet and squeezing your shoulders back and down at the top of the row.

Not hard enough? If you haven’t worked up a sweat after this workout, then you can mix it up with heavier kettlebells and med balls, a higher box, or greater resistance on your row. Remember, the aim for each set is about 45 seconds of effort. And don’t forget – our friendly staff are always available to help if you need assistance.


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