Reform Pilates 101: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a workout that’s as good at improving strength as it is for balancing your mind, Reform Pilates could be right for you. This intense but low impact class involves a reformer machine for a resistance-based workout. Here’s everything you need to know before you get started:

What is Reform Pilates?

Reform Pilates is a whole body workout. It's designed to improve strength and boost flexibility, balance, posture and coordination.

The reformer is a bed-like machine that moves back and forward and features functionalities (i.e. springs) to increase resistance as you workout. Each guided class features a series of coordinated and science-backed movements that improve strength while focusing on correct posture combined with breath work. 

What is the difference between Mat Pilates and Reform Pilates? 

The main difference between mat and Reform Pilates is the introduction of the reformer bed. The key benefit here is that compared to mat pilates which is focused on movement that utilises body weight, Reform Pilates adds the element of resistance, making it a more intense workout where you’re guaranteed to feel the burn.

What should I expect from my first time at a Reform Pilates class?

At Fitness First, Reform Pilates classes will be guided by a qualified instructor who will make you feel welcome and be able to assist you. Here are a few things you can expect:

  • The reformer bed moves, so be careful and put your safety first as you begin to get comfortable with it. 

  • You may feel a little uncoordinated when you’re starting out, but don’t worry an instructor will be there to guide you. 

  • The more springs you use, the more resistance you’ll experience as you workout. Your instructor will guide you on how many springs you should be using for each exercise but feel free to start slow and use less (or none) as you’re getting the hang of things. 

  • Similar to mat pilates, you’ll get to use props (like resistance bands and magic circles) to help you get the most out of each workout. 

What are the key benefits of Reform Pilates?

Beyond the physical and mental health benefits of working out, here’s are just some of the reasons why Reform Pilates is an effective way to exercise:

  • Complete a full body workout in just 45 minutes

  • Quickly build core strength and tone muscles.

  • Avoid injury with low impact movements.

  • Improve posture, flexibility and balance.

  • Improve mental health with a mind-body workout. 

Is Reform Pilates right for me?

Whether you’re looking for a new way to workout, want to complement strength training with a workout that will improve flexibility or are recovering from injury, Reform Pilates is great for everyone. 

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