Personal trainers (PTs) can be the best decision you ever make. Whether you’re a beginner looking for instruction on form and how to work out, a seasoned pro in search of a challenge, or looking for professional guidance on how to effectively smash your goals in the gym, PTs can be a key piece of the puzzle in helping you get the most out of each and every session. That is, assuming you find the right PT for you… 

It’s worth taking the time to find the right match for you (and no, we’re not saying you need to download PT Tinder, don’t panic), so you can walk out of each session feeling you got value for your money, having completed a challenging, fun workout designed specifically to help you progress in your areas of focus.

If you find yourself with the wrong PT, chances are you won’t walk out of each session feeling energised and enthusiastic… So in order to help you find the right person for you, we’ve come up with some tips to make sure you’ve found your perfect PT, so you can enjoy every minute of every session!

1. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different PTs.

Have you signed up to PT sessions, only to find you don’t quite click with your assigned trainer? And you’ve found it too awkward or uncomfortable to ask to swap trainers, or to book in with someone new?

Well we’re here to assure you, if this is the case, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. We have people come in all the time asking to try a session with a different trainer, or even wanting to switch things up to keep it interesting or focus on new goals with a specialised PT.

The truth is, they don’t take it personally, and nor should you! At the end of the day, you want to maximise the money you’re spending and the results you’re feeling from your PT sessions. And to do so, you might have to try a few different trainers until you meet your match.

Most trainers have areas they love to work with, or they specialise in, so they know how it goes. Sometimes, one trainer’s style will appeal to you more, or motivate and challenge you more than another’s - and that’s okay! It’s worth taking the time to try out a few trainers until you find one who makes you feel heard, supported, and excited for your sessions with them! So don’t be afraid to speak up, change it up, and find your match.

2. Discuss your goals in depth.

As we mentioned, some trainers specialise in certain areas, such as strength training, while others will focus on something else, like conditioning or cardio. So when you’re looking for the perfect trainer for you, it’s important to get as specific with your goals and focuses as you can. This will help you and your PT determine whether you’re a good match, and whether they can truly help you achieve your goals.

Because what’s the point of booking sessions with a PT who is an expert in building long-distance running capacity, if you’re focused on maximising your key compound lifts? You’re far better off being specific and upfront right from the get go, so you’re not wasting your time with the wrong trainer, when you could be seeing significant progress in your areas of focus with a PT well-versed in those areas.

3. Find someone you’re comfortable with.

It’s so important that you feel comfortable with your PT. You should always feel you can ask questions any time, voice the fact you’re not enjoying certain exercises or experiencing pain in some movements, or you want to do more of other movements. You should be able to articulate your goals, even if they’re constantly changing, and ask for direct help in working towards them.

You should feel supported voicing your goals, both mentally and physically, by your PT. They should make it clear in their programming of your sessions that they’re supporting you in working towards your specific goals, and also offer consistent motivation, encouragement and support as you progress.

If your PT doesn’t make you feel heard, seen, or comfortable expressing your needs, chances are they’re not right for you. Switch it up, and find someone who makes you feel like you can show up as your best, most honest self. This is your health and fitness after all - so it’s critical you can be upfront and open with your trainer as you push and challenge your body and mind in a variety of different ways.

4. Look for a PT who focuses on measurable targets.

So you’ve discussed your goals at the beginning with your PT, now what? Well, it’s worth looking for a PT who will set you specific, measurable targets along the way, to help ensure you’re progressing towards your goals, and hold you accountable all the way there.

A PT who gives you measurable targets will leave you feeling more motivated and determined in your sessions, and is likely to program your workouts to maximise your efficiency and progress.

You also want to ensure your trainer emphasises performance goals, not aesthetic ones. You should always be aiming for measurable targets, such as deadlifting your bodyweight, or adding 10kg to your bench press weight, or being able to run for an extra minute on the treadmill. 

If your trainer tells you to aim to lose a certain number of kilos, or centimetres off your waistline, or fit into a specific size of clothing, run for the hills! If they show you a “body goals” image and tell you to do whatever they say so you can look the same way, abort!

Your trainer should make you feel empowered and excited to progress and become fitter, stronger, more confident. THey should never make you feel ashamed or not enough as you are. Remember, progress should always be measured by performance, not aesthetics!

5. Find a PT who makes your workouts FUN!

Last, but definitely not least, your PT should make your workouts enjoyable. Of course, there will be days when you’re sore, tired, or just not feeling it, but overall you want your trainer to leave you feeling enthusiastic and excited for your next session.

You want to walk out of each workout feeling like you pushed yourself, made progress, and accomplished something that was important to you. Because that’s what putting yourself and your fitness first is all about! You’re not hitting the gym to punish your body, you’re doing it to celebrate your body and all it can do, and challenge it dynamically so it can continue improving and supporting you each day. It should feel like a joy and a privilege, not a chore! So make sure you’ve got the right PT by your side!

Need some help finding the right PT for you? Visit us in club, and we’ll help you find your perfect match! Or, head to our blog for more helpful tips and info on fitness, nutrition and health, plus a bunch of nutritious and delicious recipes!