Work your mind and body in our range of cohesive, nourishing classes designed to foster your mind, body, spirit connection. This range of classes strengthens the integration of your mind and body to encourage mindful movement and enhanced results, allowing you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, and restoring your sense of peace each time you move your body.

Yoga and Pilates offer endless benefits to your health, fitness and mental health, strengthening your muscles, improving your balance, posture and flexibility, toning and lengthening your muscles, and restoring your inner calmness and mental clarity.

What is the difference between Yoga, Pilates & Body Balance?

While Yoga targets your flexibility, lengthening and stretching out your muscles and limbs and emphasising the breath as your sole focus to restore mindfulness, Pilates focuses more on strengthening and toning individual muscles, and improving your posture and core strength. 

Body Balance combines both practices, incorporating Tai Chi sequences too to build flexibility and strength, and leave you feeling centred and calm.

While all three use your breath in a series of movements designed to restore a state of harmony and balance, each targets different muscle groups and uses different methods to do so.

Yoga Classes

Our range of yoga classes guide you through a series of poses, using breathing techniques to centre, ground and rejuvenate your mind and body.

We emphasise the importance of mind body yoga, using equipment such as blocks and straps to lengthen and stretch your muscles to promote flexibility, balance and posture.

These classes are suitable for all levels and abilities - you don’t need to be flexible, strong or even coordinated to do yoga! You’ll improve your strength, burn calories, lengthen and lean out your muscles and improve flexibility as you master the movement patterns over time.

We offer a variety of types of yoga to cater to everyone’s preferences, including:

Yin Yoga

Our lowest intensity option, involving long static holds and passive floor poses to work your lower body, especially key connective tissues like your hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Best for: Lower body stretching and lengthening, restoring connective tissue,

Calories burned per hour: Up to 250

Intensity: Low

Required Time: 60 mins

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Our standard yoga class offers a low-intensity, low impact class to boost your energy and calm your mind, guiding you through a series of gentle stretches, postures and poses governed by your breath.

Best for: Boost energy, calm the mind, strengthen and lengthen

Calories burned per hour: Up to 400

Intensity: Low

Required Time: 60 mins

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Dynamic Yoga

A more challenging, higher-intensity class, our Dynamic Yoga puts you through energising, dynamic sequences designed to increase stamina, strength and flexibility.

Best for: Energising, boost stamina and strength, improve flexibility

Calories burned per hour: Up to 600

Intensity: High

Required Time: 60 mins

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Flow Yoga

Our signature mind body yoga class is designed to build strength and energy, as you work through a series of stretches and postures to regulate your breathing while working your whole body. This moderate intensity class aims to improve your posture and flexibility, build core strength and fitness, and reduce your stress levels, fostering a sense of calmness on and off the mat. Best for: Lower body stretching and lengthening, restoring connective tissue,

Calories burned per hour: Up to 600

Intensity: Moderate

Required Time: 60 mins

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Hot Flow Yoga

This high-intensity yoga class is practiced in a heated room, between 32 and 35 degrees, to warm up your muscles, encourage blood flow and improve your flexibility. The steamy practice is deeply cleansing, energising and detoxifying for both your mind and body.

Best for: Improve blood flow, flexibility and range of motion, energising, calming

Calories burned per hour: Up to 600

Intensity: High

Required Time: 60 mins

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Pilates was originally created by physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, designed to help injured athletes and dancers return to exercise and build strength and fitness safely. Since then, it has evolved into a form of exercise appropriate for all abilities and levels from beginner to advanced, using concentration and focus to move your body through a range of motion, challenging and strengthening key muscles and core strength.

Pilates can be modified to suit any intensity, from low to high, and can either focus on mat-based bodyweight exercises, or add accessories to add further resistance and challenge for your muscles. It burns up to 350 calories an hour, making it a great low-impact workout.

It has endless health benefits, including increased strength and muscle tone, improved posture and flexibility, better balance and muscular control, stress management and relaxation, and improved range of movement and rehabilitation from injury.

It’s a great addition to any fitness regime, as it builds the important core strength, posture and stability, and strengthens key muscle groups to support better performance overall. 

Body Balance

Body Balance combines yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates all in one class, to build flexibility and strength and leave you feeling calm and centred. By combining these three pillars of movement, you’ll benefit from each practice, by strengthening and lengthening your muscles, improving flexibility and core strength, and restoring a sense of calm and relaxation.

Focusing on controlled breathing and mind-body connection, you’ll use concentration and breathwork to progress through a carefully designed series of postures and movements, set to a centring soundtrack. It’s a holistic, full-body workout, leaving your mind and body in a state of harmony and balance.

This high-intensity class offers a low-impact option to work your way to a stronger, more balanced and peaceful version of yourself.

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