Weight Loss Classes

Around 67% of Australians are overweight or obese, leading to serious health risks, including increased risk of heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes. Obesity can be caused by having a poor diet, overeating or eating the wrong kinds of food, not moving your body, and many other health conditions and influences.

Weight Loss Class Options

  • Intensity: Medium - High

  • Calories burned per hour: 400-800

  • Best for: Conditioning, toning, strength and power

  • Time required: 30 mins

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Basic Training Circuit
  • Intensity: High

  • Calories burned per hour: 500-600

  • Best for: Coordination, Fitness, Weight Loss

  • Time required: 45 mins

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Body Combat

  • Intensity: High

  • Calories burned per hour: 350-500

  • Best for: Fighting technique, core strength, agility

  • Time required: 60 mins

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  • Intensity: Medium-High

  • Calories burned per hour: 300-400

  • Best for: Variety, functional strength, full body workout

  • Time required: 60 mins

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  • Intensity: High

  • Calories burned per hour: Up to 900

  • Best for: Endurance, fitness, speed, strength, challenge, toning

  • Time required: 30 mins

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  • Intensity: Medium-High

  • Calories burned per hour: Up to 1000

  • Best for: Fun!

  • Time required: 60 mins

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Class Benefits

Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Exercise is one of the most effective strategies for weight loss, helping you lose those extra kilos and burn more fat and calories, even when you’re not in the gym. Our weight loss programs can help you become healthier and happier, while also improving your mood, boosting your metabolism, supporting mental and physical health, and reducing your risk of chronic disease.

Fitness First prioritises helping you put yourself and your health first, and our weight loss programs can help you achieve healthy weight loss and lifestyle goals, so you can be the best version of you!

How Exercise Helps You Lose Weight

Exercise is one of the most successful strategies for weight loss. It burns the calories and energy you’ve consumed in the form of food and drink. For weight loss to occur, you need your calories in (intake) to be less than your calories out (output). 

Exercise is helpful here, as weight loss exercise can speed up your metabolism and increase your lean muscle mass - both of which mean you’re burning more calories throughout the day, even when you’re resting. This makes it much easier to maintain the calorie deficit required for weight loss.

Current recommendations suggest at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily can support weight loss, with studies showing regular exercise in the long-term contributes to weight loss and weight maintenance.

At Fitness First, we’re focused on helping you put your health and fitness first, so it’s important to us that there’s something for everyone. After all, the key to consistency is finding something you enjoy.

Our range of weight loss programs allows you to mix and match to create a workout routine that works for you. This is why we’re industry leaders - our expert Personal Trainers are here to challenge you, adapt exercises to suit your body and goals, and give you endless options to lose weight in a fun, enjoyable way! Plus, our sense of community will keep you motivated and accountable.


Put your whole body to the test with our Athletic classes. Held in our Athletic Zones, expect to be challenged with sleds, battle ropes and freestyle equipment for full-body conditioning and maximum calorie burn. You’ll work on functional strength, power and fitness, with the results of burning calories, supporting weight loss, helping you perform movements in the gym and daily life with strength and ease, and giving you the lean, toned body you’re aiming for. No two classes are the same - see for yourself!


This high-intensity class combines cardio and strength training to maximise your results. Prepare to work your entire body to support weight loss, improve agility and coordination, enhance heart and lung health, and boost your fitness levels. No major muscle group will be left unchallenged - prepare to work!


Prepare to tone and shape all your key muscle groups and maximise your calorie burn during and after your workout with our BodyCombat classes! Using a range of fighting techniques and shadowboxing, not only can you let out any frustration and extra energy, you’ll develop the coordination and agility of a mixed martial arts warrior, improving posture, core strength, stability and bone density along the way! Inspired by mixed martial arts from karate to boxing, taekwondo to tai chi and muay thai, this is the ultimate weight loss program with minimal impact on your joints and body.


This high-intensity interval training class challenges you to perform short, sharp intervals of work, followed by a period of rest, so you can give it your all every time. Expect maximum effort, with big movements requiring your full body to work to its maximum! And with hard work comes rewards… You’ll experience increased speed, power and endurance, boost your metabolic rate, so you burn fat faster, improve muscle tone and reduce body fat, all at once.


Move to the groove with this fun dance-based class. You’ll work your body from head to toe with Latin and salsa-style beats, building anaerobic endurance and strength, and burning body fat to support weight loss. Expect choreography which works your hips and stomach with core-based movements, dynamic footwork to strengthen those calves and ankles, and a mix of fast and slow rhythms designed to tone your body while you enjoy the ride! You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a fun night out rather than finished a workout - yet you’ll certainly reap the benefits!