Body Sculpting & Strength Training

Get the lean, toned body of your dreams with our range of toning and strengthening classes. There’s something for everyone, with each class targeted towards sculpting and toning your muscles and body for improved strength, functional movement, fat burning, and enhanced confidence!

Body Sculpting & Strength Training Class Options

Barre Attack
  • Calories burned per hour: Up to 700

  • Time required: 45 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Legs, thighs, bum, arms, core

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  • Calories burned per hour: 540

  • Time required: 60 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Full body, core

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  • Calories burned per hour: 550

  • Time required: 45 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Legs, glutes, upper body, core

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GRIT Strength

  • Calories burned per hour: 650

  • Time required: 30 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Legs, glutes, arms, core

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Gymnastics Strength Training

  • Calories burned per hour: Up to 550

  • Time required: 30 or 45 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Upper body, core, thighs, glutes

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  • Calories burned per hour: Up to 700

  • Time required: 30-60 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Legs, thighs, arms and abs

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  • Calories burned per hour: Up to 600

  • Time required: 30 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Full body, core

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XT Strength

  • Calories burned per hour: Up to 650

  • Time required: 30 minutes

  • Target Muscle Groups: Full body, legs, core

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More about our Body Sculpting & Strength Training Classes

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting refers to the process of contouring and toning your body and muscles to create more definition, length and leanness. Basically, it’s your ticket to the body of your dreams. 

By individually targeting each muscle group with our strengthening and toning workouts, the body sculpting procedure is effective and sustainable - and even enjoyable!

At Fitness First, we want to help you achieve your toning goals, so we’ve created a class to suit everyone’s needs. Each of our toning classes are targeted towards sculpting and toning your muscles and body for improved strength, functional movement and flexibility, fat burning and enhanced confidence!

Benefits of Body Sculpting and Toning

Body sculpting and toning exercises are an excellent way to achieve your goal body, incorporating strength training to sculpt all your key muscle groups, while simultaneously reducing body fat, increasing your lean muscle mass, burning calories efficiently and reducing your risk of injury.

Using strength training to lengthen and lean your muscles has endless health benefits, and is an essential component of any fitness routine. While cardio is an excellent option for burning calories and working up a sweat, if your goal is to look toned and fit, you need to incorporate some strength and tone exercises into your workouts too.

Benefits of Strength Training

The many benefits of strength training include:

  • Helping build lean muscle mass, which makes your muscles appear toned and defined. Lean muscle mass actually helps increase your metabolism too, meaning for each extra kilo of lean muscle you develop, you’re burning more calories throughout your day - even when you’re resting.

  • Supports weight loss. While cardio is great for melting fat from your body, toning is the other half of the equation. When you watch the fat disappear, you want the muscles underneath to pop, and look defined and lean. This is where strength training works its magic. Not to mention, strength training burns fat of its own accord.

  • You’ll strengthen your muscles. Prepare to be able to lift heavier and train harder as you improve your muscle strength, allowing you to smash your goals in the gym.

  • Strengthens bones. Strength training is also really important for preserving and improving bone strength - especially important as we age, and our bones become more fragile. Strengthening and toning exercises help prevent various types of injuries.

  • Improved flexibility, stability and balance.

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem. Who doesn’t want to look in the mirror and feel fabulous about the sculpted, toned, lean body looking back at them?

Barre Attack

Barre Attack is our challenging resistance and cardio workout, using the ballet barre and other accessories to tone and lengthen every muscle in your body. Prepare to use therabands and balls to balance and sculpt your legs, thighs, bum and arms, as we improve core strength and cardiovascular endurance, and torch fat throughout the duration of the class. You’ll work head to toe, and will see the results for your hard work in no time.


One of our signature strength classes, BodyPump uses low weight and high rep movements to burn fat, build strength and give you lean, toned muscles. You’ll shape and tone your entire body, while improving your overall and core strength and supporting your bone health thanks to the variety of weighted exercises this class will challenge you to perform. You’ll master movement patterns and learn to lift safely and effectively, while torching calories at the same time.

GRIT Strength

This short, sharp team training session will hit all your major muscle groups for maximum burn and results. Incorporating weightlifting, running and plyometric bodyweight movements, GRIT Strength will tone and sculpt your body, build lean muscle, rapidly increase your aerobic fitness and strength, and improve muscular endurance, metabolism, and power. Every muscle will be recruited in this dynamic and intense strength-based class.

XT Strength

This freestyle group training class will put your endurance, strength and mobility to the test, using advanced bodyweight training to challenge all your different muscle groups. You’ll get to try your hand at all your favourite pieces of equipment - make the most of our ropes, rings, parallel bars, parallettes, high-low bars, cargo nets and expression ladders as you hang, dip, press, push and climb your way to new heights. Push yourself as hard as you like - you’re in charge, and only you can determine how quickly you’ll see results!


This low-impact class is based on the floor, using hand weights and other accessories to condition and tone every muscle in your body. Don’t let the floor aspect fool you - you’ll still challenge yourself, work up a sweat, and see serious sculpting results from this ultimate toning class. You’ll work your entire body using compound exercises, followed by isolation exercises to really put your smaller muscles to the test, and finish it all off with a nourishing stretch at the end of class. Prepare to strengthen, tone, shape and condition your legs, arms and abs - all in one class!


Another freestyle group training option, Strength builds total body strength, muscular endurance and lean muscle, and supports functional strength at the same time - so you can be at your best both inside and outside the gym. You’ll load your muscles up, performing under pressure lifting moderate to heavy loads. Expect medium reps, and come prepared to push yourself to fatigue using our wide range of tools and equipment to work your full body in the ways you love.

XT Strength

This shorter, sharper class combines traditional and advanced lifting techniques for the ultimate toning workout. You’ll build strength, power and lean muscle mass as you build on basic movement patterns to really put your body to the test. If you love to lift, and have a good understanding of movement patterns and techniques, this is the class to challenge you and get you the results you’re looking for.