Core Strength Fitness Classes

Core strength is integral to movement and stability, both in and out of the gym. Your core is involved in everyday activities, from carrying groceries to keeping you upright, as well as supporting all the movements you do in your workouts. Core workouts can help you improve your core stability, to improve your balance, posture and functional movement.

Core Strength Fitness Class Options

Abs, Butt & Thighs

  • Good for: Core strength, toning, sculpting

  • Calories burnt per hour: Up to 500

  • Time required: 45-60 mins

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  • Good for: Sculpting, low-impact, toning, stability

  • Calories burnt per hour: Up to 450

  • Time required: 30 mins

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  • Good for: Core strength and toning, stability, strengthening

  • Calories burnt per hour: 300-600

  • Time required: 30 mins

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  • Good for: Strength, flexibility, core toning, lower body sculpting

  • Calories burnt per hour: 200-450

  • Time required: 60 mins

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Suspension Fusion

  • Good for: Core strength, stability

  • Calories burnt per hour: Up to 550

  • Time required: 30 mins

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  • Good for: Balance, coordination, strength

  • Calories burnt per hour: 300-400

  • Time required: 45 mins

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More about Core Strength

What does core strength involve?

Despite what you’ve probably been led to believe, core strength is about so much more than building a six-pack of abs. Your core includes your abdominal muscles, and also a bunch of muscles in your back and around your pelvis, including your obliques, back- and spine-supporting muscles, and pelvis-stabilising muscles.

Why is it important?

Improving your core strength will allow these muscles to become stronger and more stable, to allow better movement throughout your body, support your spine, improve your balance and posture, and help prevent falls or injuries.

Fitness First is all about helping you strengthen key muscle groups, like your core, so we’ve developed a range of core strengthening classes to help. Building core stability is another step on your journey to improving your fitness and function!

Abs, Butts & Thighs

Strengthen your abs, butt and thighs in this strengthening, toning class targeting common problem areas. The intensity of this class is designed to deliver results, fast, so prepare to increase your core strength and overall power, strengthen and sculpt your abs, butt and thighs, and support weight loss as you crunch and pulse your way to the body of your dreams.


This low impact sculpting session targets key core muscles, including your abs, glutes, back, obliques and supportive muscles, helping you achieve a tight and toned core for maximum strength and stability. With minimal cardio required, this quick and efficient workout improves functional strength to support balance, mobility and injury prevention.


This freestyle group training class gives you the opportunity to challenge your stability, balance and core strength, working your entire core to support your movement patterns in life and in the gym. You’ll use resistance bands and bodyweight exercises to strengthen and tone every muscle in your core, burn calories, and build flexibility, stamina and power.


Combining the benefits of yoga, martial arts and other training forms into one, our Pilates classes will improve your posture, strength and flexibility, to increase your muscle strength and tone - particularly in your abs and core, lower back, hips and butt. You’ll stretch and sculpt your entire body, to build balanced strength, support your posture and enhance your control over key muscle groups throughout your body. The ultimate sculpting and strengthening workout.

Suspension Fusion

Use the TRX and RIP equipment to test your limits and push yourself to new heights in this freestyle group training class. The ultimate bodyweight workout, you’ll build core strength and stability, challenging even your smallest stabilising muscles for the ultimate burn and maximum results.


Using bodyweight resistance exercises and suspension training equipment, expect an effective, efficient workout targeted to your fitness ability and goals. You’ll undergo four core, upper body and lower body exercise circuits, with some cardio intervals added into the mix to improve your overall fitness and help you achieve your desired results. Prepare to build endurance and strength throughout your core and entire body, and improve your balance and coordination along the way.