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The next round of SQUAD
starting 3rd June

Turn up the intensity. Ignite your potential.

Our SQUAD is your secret weapon; a team of experts and a program designed to ignite your fitness journey and smash your goals.

When you’re part of the SQUAD, you’ll never go at it alone. Discover how the power of a team will get you on track and keep you there.

With our SQUAD behind you, finding your focus and your fitness potential has never been easier. Choose your journey - High Performance or Transformation - and we’ll get you on track with a six-week training and nutrition plan that will not only start the fire, but keep it burning long after the program has ended.

Join our SQUAD and get access to weekly workout and meal plans; learn about fitness and nutrition from industry experts; and discover the motivation of “sweating it out” together with exclusive training sessions in club.


Choose Your Journey

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Choose your program High Performance or Transformation - and we'll get you on track with a six-week training and nutrition plan that will not only start the fire, but it keep it burning long after the program has ended.

High Performance

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to train like one. Take a page from an athlete’s playbook to build a strong, defined body and push yourself to reach your personal best. This multi-disciplined program will take your fitness to the next level with an emphasis on strength, power, speed, agility and mobility.


Motivation is temporary. Habits are forever. We know developing sustainable healthy habits is the launchpad for creating positive change. That’s why our team of experts are here to set your fitness journey in motion and guide you on making confident choices that support your weight loss goal. This program will introduce high quality movement and assist in building lean muscle.


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Exclusive to members.

  • $99 program only
  • $179 program + 2 x PT sessions (give yourself an edge with two 1:1 sessions with a fitness professional)
  •  $360 program + 6 x PT sessions (give yourself an edge with six 1:1 sessions with a fitness professional)

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Weekly workout and meal plans delivered to your inbox over six weeks

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Exclusive weekly training sessions with your SQUAD leader.

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Access to health and fitness content from leading experts

Track results with a fitness test at the beginning and end of the program
+ Participate in a club vs. club SQUAD Social session with your team


The next round of SQUAD starts 3rd June.


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Do I have to be a member to join the program?

Yes. This program is only available to Fitness First members. If you’re not currently a member, you can join SQUAD at the time of joining Fitness First.

How often does this program run?

The program will run three times per year. Keep an eye on this page for information about start dates. 

What does a typical week of training look like?

Each week we’ll send you a seven day plan that is made up of two exclusive SQUAD training sessions in club with your local SQUAD leader; a workout designed by our experts to complete 1-2 times throughout the week; and a class recommendation such as HIIT, Cycle or Pilates. If you’re keen to commit to more than five days, there will also be bonus workouts to try.

What does a typical weekly meal plan look like?

Each week we’ll send you an easy-to-follow and great tasting meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, as well as a shopping list. Meal plans can be easily substituted to match your needs and preferences depending on your health and fitness goals.

How many in-club training sessions are included?

There are two in-club sessions included in each program. These sessions are run on the gym floor by the SQUAD leader in your club. Session times can be viewed here and on the club timetable online when the program starts.

What if the scheduled sessions do not fit with my schedule?

The SQUAD program will be running in every Fitness First club so you can attend any SQUAD training session at any club throughout the week. If you can’t make a session, your weekly workout plan will include a bonus workout that you can do in your own time.

What is a SQUAD social workout?

At the halfway mark, we’ll be running an exclusive training session for SQUAD participants. Each club will register a SQUAD team to compete. The session is designed to push your limits in a friendly, competitive environment with the support of your squad behind you. As others around you step it up a notch, you’ll want to give it your all!

Will I be training with members with similar fitness levels and abilities to me?

The SQUAD training sessions are designed to suit all fitness levels and abilities, with options to modify or intensify exercises as you go.

How many people are in the group sessions?

Group sizes will vary per club and your SQUAD leader will make sure every participant gets the most out of each session.

What is included in the program + 2 PT sessions for $179?

This option includes two one-off sessions with a Personal Trainer. Your SQUAD leader will contact you to arrange these sessions and pair you up with a PT. We recommend taking up these sessions in the first week of the program to help you find your focus and kick things off with expert advice that is personalised to you and your goals. You may choose to continue working with a PT, in which case this should be discussed with them directly.  

Can I track my results?

It’s important to learn where you stand before you set out, so in your very first SQUAD session, your SQUAD leader will take you through a basic fitness test that is repeated at the end of the program. You will be able to record your results and check back in on your progress.

If you’re looking for more detailed measurements and feedback on your progress, we recommend taking up the program + 2 PT sessions option to work through this one-on-one with a trainer.

Are there meal options for vegetarians?

Although meal plans are not exclusively designed to cater for different dietary requirements, recipe substitutes and recommendations will be provided. For example, meat can be substituted for meat-alternatives, such as tofu, nuts, legumes or eggs. If you’d like more specific advice to determine if this plan can work for you, speak with the SQUAD leader in your club.

Is this program suitable during pregnancy?

We do not recommend this program if you are pre or post natal. 

SQUAD Terms & Conditions


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