Push yourself further with small group training workouts, led by a Personal Trainer. These 30–45 minute workouts, designed by our expert trainers, are adapted to suit all fitness levels. With the perfect balance of variety and consistency, along with the motivation of training in a group, you can stay committed to your goals.  

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Let’s make this the year you start saying ‘yes’ to yourself. Get your free pass and let us show you what you’re capable of.


What can I expect from these sessions?

Personalised training in a small group format, conducted on the gym floor, led by a qualified personal trainer. 30–45-minute sessions guaranteed to make you sweat.

What should I bring?

Come dressed to train in appropriate gym gear, have a sweat towel, water bottle and a hardworking attitude.

Do I need to be a member?

You can trial this fitness offering using a free trial. However, if you wish to continue using this service at the end of your trial you will need to sign up for a membership.

Can I do this on a 5-day trial?

Yes, simply send an enquiry through via this form and then download your free trial here.

How much does a session cost?

Prices for small group training are set by the trainer along with all PT services. Sessions are with one trainer, and this will not change. The training times and durations will also vary depending on the trainer and the needs and wants of the group.

Are they suitable for beginners?

Yes, all training under the supervision of a PT is scalable to suit your fitness levels. This can vary from first time gym goer to Olympic athlete, our fitness experts cater to all.

Are there cardio or strength focused classes?

Yes, each group could have a different focus; from Strength, HIIT, Boxing, Core, Girls only, beginners to advanced lifters.

Can I bring a friend along with me?

Yes, you can train with your friends.