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As Australia’s fitness leader, we’re dedicated to helping you get more from your fitness journey. We’re continually investing in our programming, clubs, staff and facilities with the latest innovation and technology, to help you stay motivated in achieving your fitness goals.

That’s why we’re thrilled to confirm that our Barangaroo Titatium, Bond St Platinum (Sydney CBD), Bondi Platinum and Richmond Platinum clubs have been fitted out with the world-first GymKit technology, which allow you to simply tap your Apple Watch on your favourite cardio equipment to seamlessly pair it with treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes and stair steppers. This groundbreaking innovation allows data not previously communicated to exchange seamlessly like heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed and incline.

Once connected, Apple Watch and the equipment exchange data with no need to download additional apps, press extra buttons, or navigate complicated menus. This industry-first offering gives you the most accurate and holistic activity tracking available.

GymKit is compatible with all Apple Watch models. To use GymKit all you need to do is ensure you’ve downloaded the latest Apple Watch OS4.1 software before you arrive in club, tap on to your favourite cardio machine and off you go!




Your GymKit training data now combines metrics from the machine - like speed, distance, incline, and resistance - with your personal metrics - age, weight, height and heart rate - resulting in the most accurate training information possible.

2. Tap at anytime

If you forget to connect your watch when you commence your workout, it will reconcile all the data from the very beginning as long as you tap on before the end of your workout.

3. Know your active calories

Active calories are the calories you burn when exercising, compared to the resting calories you burn during your everyday life.

4. Monitor your heart rate

The Apple Watch measures your heart rate and displays it directly onto the cardio equipment. After your workout, you’ll also see your resting heart rate and recovery heart rate, which tells you how quickly your heart rate drops after exercising.


5. Track elevation gain

The Apple Watch captures the incline settings on your treadmill and calculates the elevation gain similarly to what would have been achieved from an outdoor run.