Take just 30 minutes to prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you think. These sessions are fast, fun and addictive; led by an instructor to make sure you stay motivated and stop at nothing.



This program builds a strong and controlled core to improve daily function or athletic performance. In the class, you'll complete as many movements as you can in the allocated time frame. There are both beginner and advanced options.


This program improves heart and lung function, burns calories and vaporises body fat. The workout focus is on high intensity exercise - with equal work to rest ratios. This class uses equipment to perform exercises that elevate the heart rate and maximise caloric output.

Suspension Fusion

This program builds a strong and athletic body and increases lean muscle mass using suspension training, gravity and your own body weight.


This program builds total body functional strength, muscular endurance and promotes the building of lean muscle. The strength workout is all about the “load effect” - performance under pressure using moderate to heavy loads. You'll have low to medium repetitions and working close to fatigue using a variety of training tools.


Improve your fitness output and be challenged in a high intensity workout using loaded and unloaded exercises. Athletic is a great class to do with a friend, as you’ll be partnered off with someone at a similar fitness level. Together you’ll learn some challenging new exercises, and with short rest intervals you are guaranteed to enjoy this high intensity training program.

XT Circuit

Our new XT Circuit is a high intensity circuit class using strength based movements and the strength training areas in your club. This workout introduces members to the proper techniques of lifting and functional movements to create a balanced and challenging workout.