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Inner west Sydney-siders, rejoice! Fitness First North Strathfield club has assembled an impressive line-up of personal trainers who are here to help you re-shape your life and get the most out of every day.

Meet Selcuk Akar, Sam King and Chantelle Boutros. Our inner west Fitness First personal trainers share loads of experience in helping a huge range of clients meet their individual goals. They will help you make the most of all the gear at the club and throw in some pearls of life wisdom along the way, setting you on track for success.

Take the first step to a better life

Selcuk Akar Personal Trainer Sydney Inner West

"The most rewarding part about being a personal trainer is making positive changes to other people’s lives."

Selcuk Akar, Personal Trainer, Sydney Inner West Fitness First


With 15 years of personal training experience behind him, Selcuk draws upon a wealth of knowledge to help you take the first steps – and many more beyond that – towards changing your life. Whatever your goals for health and wellbeing, Selcuk will help you shape a routine to achieve these goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or an elite athlete, chances are Selcuk will have you doing Bosu Dead Bugs from the get-go. It’s one of his favourite moves – soon to be one of yours, too


Teaching you discipline and perseverance

Sam Personal Trainer Sydney Inner West

My training philosophy? Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible. This quote from Frank Gaines sums it up.

Sam Kim, Personal Trainer, Fitness First North Strathfield - Sydney Inner West 

If you’re after a comprehensive strength, conditioning, cardio and all-round life-changing program, personal trainer Sam’s your man. He’ll help you assemble the building blocks of a healthy, meaningful life by teaching you about mental resilience, perseverance and purpose.

Sam is a big fan of heart-pumping HIIT workouts that involve explosive power, flexibility, balance and mental strength. This battle rope workout is a great example of where he’ll take you.


Helping you making the right choices in life

Chantelle Personal Trainer Sydney Inner West

"At the end of a session with me, you’ll feel uplifted, positive and motivated. I like to make my sessions fun and enjoyable."

Chantelle Boutros, Personal Trainer, Fitness First North Strathfield - Sydney Inner West 

With a Bachelor in Sports and Exercise Science and seven years of personal training behind her, Chantelle is one passionate, positive trainer! And her energy’s infectious. She will shape a program that has you feeling fabulous, physically and mentally, in no time at all.

Chantelle is a huge fan of split squats. Great for flexibility in your ankle and hip joints, they help develop healthy knees … and buns of steel!


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