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Do you live in or around Cronulla? Are you keen to transform your approach to health and wellbeing? Consider a custom program from one of Fitness First Cronulla

Meet Mark Whitton, Kaylah Daly and Matthew Hoban. Our crack team of Cronulla personal trainers will help you go further in life with a personalised fitness program to suit your style.

Changing the way you think about exercise

Mark W

"I try to change how my clients look at physical training and movement, by making it fun and a unique challenge."

Mark Whitton, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Cronulla


Having been at Fitness First for four years, Mark has helped countless clients to set realistic expectations that put them on the path to life-changing success. A firm believer in injecting fun back into training, he’ll have you looking forward to hitting the gym in no time.

But be warned. He’s known around the gym for the Torsonator Rotation, split grip. This move is guaranteed to get your core firing.


Hard work beats talent, hands down

Matt H

I always remind my clients that I’d never ask them to do something they are not 100% capable of. If it’s in your program, you can do it.

Kaylah Daly, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Cronulla

With a gymnastics background and an infectious zest for life, Kaylah puts a lot of time into designing custom programs for clients. She believes that hard work beats talent every time – and that you can always achieve what you set out to achieve. 

And, to help you get there, Kaylah’s all over teaching clients about the muscle-to-mind connection and core activation for overall body control … which is perhaps why she’s best known around the club for her handstands. 


Helping you feel more energised about life

Matt H

"It’s 100% predictable that my clients will leave in a better mood, will feel more energised, and will be more educated about health and wellbeing after a session with me."

Matthew Hoban, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Cronulla


If consistency’s your thing (or your goal) then Matthew’s your man for personal training. He lives by a simple fitness philosophy: do what needs to be done, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not. As your personal trainer, Matthew can help you with all three of these things. 

He will have you feeling better inside and out after a session. Although, if his signature move – the overhead squat – is on your program then you’re likely to be feeling it. Full stop.


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