Freestyle™ Group Training

Freestyle™ Group Training

An evolution of Small Group Training

Designed around your body’s natural movement, freestyle sessions are a great way to push yourself that little bit further during a workout. Proven to be 3 times more effective than training with fixed machines, freestyle training builds strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. Our Freestyle™ Group Training classes are fun, interactive and energetic.

Freestyle™ Group Training is part of the Dynamic Movement Training philosophy and is now rolled out to most of our clubs Australia wide.

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Group Freestyle™ classes are a great way to get fitter with Dynamic Movement Training in less time.

Fitness First's national personal training manager Michael Cunico explains.


What are the benefits of Freestyle™ Group Training?

The 2 main benefits of Freestyle™ Group Training is that the activities you perform in class mimic the types of movement we do in real life, and you can get more done in less time. By providing classes which generally only last for 30 minutes, led by a fully qualified member of the fitness team, we can help members overcome a lack of time or motivation, and this is all part of being a member at Fitness First.

What actually happens in a Freestyle™ Group Training class?

The classes are built around the philosophy of Dynamic Movement Training, a way of moving that challenges you in multiple planes of movement and ensures high energy expenditure in the shortest time possible. You will be surprised at how much work you can get done.

Are there different types of Freestyle Group Training

There are 4 streams of Freestyle™ Group Training: Intro, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Strength and Power. The difference between them is that the movements relate to the goal of the workout. For example, during the power workout you will be performing some explosive movements. The programming changes as well, with the work to rest ratios relevant for the goal of that workout. The HIIT programming, for example, has short rest intervals, where the power workout has longer rest intervals so you can put as much into the working block as possible.

Who are Freestyle™ Group Training classes ideal for?

All Freestyle™ Group Training classes are delivered by our qualified fitness team and can cater for different fitness levels. We recognise that the prospect of attending a Freestyle Group Training Power workout might make some newer members nervous, so we have built a custom introduction session that caters for members who are new to this style of training. The intro sessions will introduce you to some of the unique equipment we will use during other Freestyle™ Group Training classes, and also expose you to the types of movements you will expect to see in the other three streams.

What Fitness First clubs will offer Freestyle™ Group Training

The majority of the Fitness First clubs offer Freestyle™ Group Training. So the only thing left is to have a go! Check your local club timetable for what classes they offer and you can either book at reception or show up a few minutes before the schedule start to discuss the session with your instructor.

Benefits of Freestyle Group Training

EFFICIENCY: Effective 30 minute high energy time-efficient workouts make every minute count - delivering maximum results in minimum time.

GROUP EFFECT: The team design for each workout enables you to connect either with a partner, several other members of the group, or the entire group.

MOTIVATION: On hand expertise, instruction and support from a skilled coach encourage you to work together as a team towards a shared common goal and also inspiring you to achieve your personal best each time.

PROGRESSION: Fully optioned workouts for all levels and goals which allow you to progress to more advanced exercises within the same class, as the same workout is taught for several weeks consecutively, with the coach managing progressions and regressions according to the needs of each individual.

The repetition of the same workout for several weeks also allows you to become more familiar with the routine each time you train. You can therefore focus more on increasing your levels of workout rather than having to learn new exercises every time, and this progressive intensity accelerates fitness gains.

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This is great opportunity for you to get familiar with the different training equipment and movements you’ll experience in Freestyle™ Group Training classes. The workouts are low intensity and aim to develop skills with freestyle equipments.


This program builds a strong and controlled core to improve daily function or athletic performance. In the class, you'll complete as many movements as you can in the allocated time frame. There are both beginner and advanced options.  


This program improves heart and lung function, burn calories and vaporise body fat. The workout focus is on high intensity exercise - with work and rest sessions of 30 seconds each. This class uses equipment (ViPR and medicine balls) to perform exercises that elevate the heart rate and maximise caloric output. 


This program optimises explosive power output and enhance athletic performance. The workouts are focussed on short but heavy and/or explosive work intervals and longer rest periods. Body weight movements are performed at pace and with big range. There are also plyometric options given for those who want a challenging workout.


This program builds total body functional strength, muscular endurance and promote lean muscle. The strength workout is all about the “load effect” - performance under pressure using moderate to heavy loads. You'll have low to medium repetitions and working to fatigue using Kettlebells and Dumbbells.

Suspension Training

This program builds a strong and athletic body and increase lean muscle mass using suspension training, gravity and your own body weight.

Freestyle Group Training is now available in our selected Fitness First clubs.