Life’s not always as regular as clockwork. You work late, start early, or just find your motivation when others don’t. Select Fitness First clubs stay open around the clock, so you can put yourself first and train in a safe environment at a time that suits you. Speak to our team in club during staffed hours to purchase your 24/7 access card and arrange a safety induction.


What is 24/7 access?

Some of our clubs offer 24/7 access, meaning you can train 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a time that is right for you.

How do I receive 24/7 access?

You can sign up with our staff in club. As a Fitness First member the cost is $25.

Will my Fitness First membership card automatically give me 24/7 access?

When you sign up to receive 24/7 access, you will receive a separate card that will give you access to the 24/7 facilities. There will be a fee for the purchase of this card.

How do I access the club after hours?

When you sign up for 24/7 access, you will first need to go through a club induction process before you can start using your card and the 24/7 facilities. However, once you have completed this induction access will be easy - simply use your new 24/7 card, and swipe at the door for access.

Who can use the 24/7 facilities?

It’s available to any Fitness First member aged 18 or over who purchases the 24/7 membership option and completes the induction at participating clubs.

I have a guest pass for Fitness First, can I use that for 24/7?

Guest access passes are only accepted during staffed club hours. No guests will be able to enter during unmanned hours.

I'm a Fitness First Passport member. Can I still use the 24/7 facilities?

Yes, at any participating Passport clubs.

Will there be staff in club 24/7?

During peak hours there will be Fitness First staffing as per usual, but during off peak hours/extended hours there will not be staff. Our members’ safety is extremely important to us and your induction process will take you through all the necessary steps you will need to train safely in our facilities.

What time will normal staff hours commence at 24/7 clubs?

This will vary from club to club. Please refer to your local club page.

Will there be any PTs in club at these new training times?

Level 1 PTs will have access during staff hours, while Level 2 & 3 PTs will have access to 24/7 facilities around the clock. It is at the trainer’s discretion as to what hours they are available in club.

Will there be any classes available between 10pm - 6am at 24/7 clubs?

Please refer to your club’s class timetable for availability or speak to the team in your club.

What security does the 24/7 clubs offer?

When you sign up for 24/7 access, all members will undergo an induction - which takes you through the various security measures in place at our 24/7 clubs.

How much does it cost?

The cost for members who wish to use 24/7 facilities, is purely that of paying for their security access card. From now until your club goes 24/7 there will be a pre-sale on these cards with a member offer of $15. Once your club has gone 24/7, the cost of the security access card will go up to it's full price of $25.

If I am a 24/7 member, which clubs can I access?

Access to 24/7 clubs is dependent on your membership type. I.e. if you have a Platinum membership, you will receive access to 24/7 Platinum clubs. If you have a Passport membership, you will receive access to 24/7 Passport clubs. 

If you have a Home membership, you will only be able to to use 24/7 facilities if your home club has converted to 24/7. If you have a Home membership, but your home club hasn't converted to 24/7, you will need to upgrade to either a Passport or Platinum membership and then you can train at any of the Passport or Platinum 24/7 facilities.  


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