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cardio training

Cardiovascular training are exercises that raises your heart rate for some time whilst leaving you with enough breath to talk.

Doing your cardio training at Fitness First means you can achieve conditioning from a range of different activities in a short period of time.

Here's how you can get your heart pumping at our clubs:

- Walking and Running - treadmill
- Swimming - indoor pool
- Cycling - spin bikes
- Rowing - rowing machines
- Or have fun with our group classes

The best part of cardio exercise at Fitness First is that you can do it in front of the TV.

How could it help you? One of the most popular reasons our members love a cardio workout is that it promotes weight loss but that’s by no means the only benefit, cardio:

Makes the heart and lungs stronger
Lowers blood pressure & cholesterol
Increases energy
Reduces stress

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