For our older members (who are young at heart!), our Super Seniors classes offered at select clubs offer gentle, lower intensity exercises, tailored specifically to your body’s needs. Our expert instructors will lead you through every movement, to perfect your form and make any necessary modifications to suit you. Expect to improve your fitness, heart health, mobility, balance and posture - all in 45 minutes!

Cheer your workout buddies to the finish line in our supportive, encouraging group environment, and leave after a fun, engaging workout feeling healthier and happier.

Do I need to be over 50 to do the Super Seniors Class?

We know age is just a number! Regardless of whether you consider yourself a senior or not, these classes are open to anyone over 50, and are designed to cater to changes in your body and mobility. We focus on moving your body in ways that leave you fitter and healthier, and also feel good at the same time!

What Exercises are in a Super Seniors Fitness? I

In our Super Seniors classes, expect to see a combination of mobility, resistance and strength, and cardiovascular movements, with an emphasis on static holds and slower paced exercises. Our expert trainers will adapt all movements as needed, to make sure you’re comfortable at all times.

These classes are designed to cater to all fitness levels and abilities, so simply bring along yourself, your workout gear, some water, a towel and a mat and you’re ready to go! Bonus points if you bring along a smile too…

Senior-Friendly Fitness Gyms

Our expert trainers will be by your side throughout every moment of the class, to provide you with as much support and guidance as you need. They’ll correct and perfect your form, and offer you regressions or adaptations to suit your body and ability. We keep class numbers small, so the instructor can provide more personalised support and attention and ensure everyone is safe and comfortable at all times. 

Our Super Seniors classes are a nurturing and supportive environment, so you can expect to be well looked after every time. Let your instructor know if you have any injuries or concerns so they can modify movements for you accordingly, and make sure to get clearance from your medical practitioner before attending class.


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