Carve Your Core With This Ab Burner

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Forget sit-ups and long laps on the treadmill. If you’re after washboard abs and an envious v-line, you need to attack your core with a serious sweat session. 

Fitness First trainer Thomas Chylinski is making ab workouts interesting again with this five part blowout. Aim for 3-4 sets. 

Hanging Knee Raises

10 reps

Grab onto a parallel bar – a chin up bar works best. With your body hanging downwards, raise your knees so that they’re 90 degrees to your body. Hold for three seconds before returning to your starting position. 

Lying Hand To Toe Touches

12-15 reps each side

Lie down on your back with one leg bent and another straight. Raise the straight leg as high as you can as you attempt to touch it with your opposite hand. Complete reps on one side before moving onto the other. 

Side Plank Crunches

12-15 reps each side

Get into a side plank position – your feet should be together as you rest on one forearm that sits directly below your shoulder. tuck the leg furthest away from the floor towards your hip. Your free elbow should also tuck in, touching your raised knee. 

Bosu Mountain Climbers

20 reps

Balancing on a Bosu  (a blue half ball), get in a half plank position – it’s okay if your back is slightly bent. Tuck one knee at a time to the opposite side shoulder.

Dynamic Horse Stance

12-15 reps each side

Have one knee bent and resting on the mat, your opposite-sided arm should also be placed on the map. Extend the available arm and leg outwards before tucking it back in. 

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