This Intense Core Workout Will Fire Up Your Middle

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Go further with this high intensity core workout. Forget sit-ups. To strengthen your core, you need to mix it up with a range of exercises that target all the muscles in and around your trunk and pelvis. This intense core workout is guaranteed to get results.

A strong core is important in so many ways. From helping you complete daily tasks to nailing your performance on the sports field, strength in and around your middle will aid in balance and stability, help to prevent injuries, improve your posture and even protect your organs and nervous system from damage.

Yet core strength is about so much more than just your abs. While a six-pack might look impressive, you need to work all the muscles in and around your lower torso. This workout will help you do just that – with three sets of four exercises that you can easily tack on to another gym session. Yes, it’s intense. And yes, it will hurt. But your core will thank you for it.



3 x 10 reps each side

This one targets the full anterior abdominal wall. Grab a fitball and lie flat on the floor. Arms and legs straight up in the air, your job is to balance the fitball while lowering an opposite arm and leg all the way down. Move slowly, maintain control, and really focus on your mind-to-muscle connection.

Tip: Keep your lower back flat to the floor (in other words, don’t arch).



3 x 10 reps each side

Find a cable and set it up so that you can kneel comfortably on one knee with arms outstretched and the cable tight. This transverse rotational movement sees you twist and pull the cable away from its attachment, working your oblique abdominals.

Tip: Take a deep breath prior to twisting and contracting, and rotate from the pelvis (not the spine).



3 x 20 secs of effort

Hop onto a roman chair with a medicine ball. Choose a weight that makes its presence felt, but isn’t too heavy to hold. You want to lean back while bracing your core, and hold that angle while you rotate from side to side. This one targets your transverse abdominis.

Tip: Lengthen your spine before you rotate.



4 x 10 reps each leg

Think of the mountain climber. Think of a plank. Now combine the two in this carefully controlled exercise that targets your rectus abdominis.

Tip: Make sure your shoulders are over your wrist, and keep a neutral spine at all times.



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