The Best Upper Body Workout For Hypertrophy

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Gaining muscle and filling out that tee requires more than lifting weight and living off protein. Instead, you’ll need to focus on hypertrophy training to get that extra pump you’re looking for. Hypertrophy training is all about volume so during this phase, you’ll want to increase the amount of reps, work at 70-80% of your max rep but also increase the rest time between sets.

Fitness First trainer Michael Arkana dedicates his time to helping people feel confident in their body, having undergone a similar transformation back in 2018. So he’s put together a simple hypertrophy workout that will blow up your muscles. Aim for 3 sets of each.


12-15 reps
Ensure your shoulders are always depressed to maximise upper chest contraction. Focus on bringing elbows close together on top.



12-15 reps
Keep the body close to the bench edge and lower down to not more than 90 degrees elbows bent. Focus on triceps activation on the top of the movement.



12-15 reps

Legs closed together and stick the stomach to your thighs. Keep the elbows as straight as possible.


Lat Pulldown

12-15 reps
Grip should be just slightly wider than shoulder-width. Slightly lean backward but keep the torso straight by engaging the core.

Standing Dumbbell Bicep Curls

12-15 reps
Locking the elbows from moving forward/backward and keeping them close to the body is the key to biceps exercises. Make sure to get the full stretch!


Front To Lateral Raise

12-15 reps
Keep the elbows as straight as possible and try to spend more time on the top of the movement. 


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