3 Best Pieces Of Strength Equipment at Fitness First

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Strength training has many benefits, including the obvious ones such as increased muscle mass and tone, but it also has less visible ones like increasing bone density, joint flexibility and balance. Many often overlook strength training in favour of cardio, but with the following pieces of strength equipment in our Fitness First clubs, we’re here to inspire you to get lifting!


1. Olympic Lifting Platforms and Power Cage

Build your strength and unleash your power with everything you need to do Olympic lifting. Don’t be intimidated by the size of the cage, there is a move to be done on the rack to suit every need and reach your personal best. Many of our clubs are equipped with racks, cages, barbells, plates and olympic lifting platforms - that’s right, the works! 


olympic lifting cages



2. Plate Loaded Booty Builder 

The Booty Builder is a hip thrust machine that can be loaded with plates to your preferred weight. Thanks to the isolated nature of the movement, you can get maximum impact on your glutes with minimal setup. If your club has one of these, or even a leg press, there’s simply no excuse to skip leg day!




3. Cable Machine 

The Cable Machine might just be our very favourite bit of strength equipment. Its versatility means it can perform a number of moves for a range of muscles, allowing you to tailor it to your personal workout. Whether you want to go for a full body workout or focus on targeted areas, the crossover style machine with adjustable pulleys and a variety of handles has you covered. It truly caters for an incredible variety of exercises for both the upper and lower parts of the body, and even functional combinations of the two! 




Want more strength inspiration? Check out our YouTube channel for some strength workouts for all levels!



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