5 Exercises To Test Your Fitness Levels

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Starting a new fitness program? It’s always good to learn where you stand before you set out. Here’s a quick and easy circuit you can try at home or in the gym to test your current fitness level. We recommend re-testing every six weeks to see how far you’ve come!

You have 10 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP), 10 repetitions of each movement. Once you have completed a full round of this circuit, count that as one round. After 10 minutes your score is how many rounds you completed, noting the exercise you finished on.



Before starting the AMRAP, make sure you understand what the 5 movements are and which variation you will be performing. For example changing from toes to knees on your push ups will make replicating the workout at the end of the program difficult. Instead pick your variation at the start and stick to it. If unsure take the easier option for your first attempt as you will definitely be able to replicate this. Avoid the common mistake of going too hard, too soon. While 10 minutes is not a long time, performing continual movement for this long can feel like an eternity if you are not conditioned to endurance work.  Your performance will naturally slow as you begin to fatigue, however pacing yourself right should mean a small decrease in performance, as opposed to performance and technique falling off a cliff. If you find yourself completing movements with a disregard for form in order to complete the movements then you may need a brief rest before rejoining the workout.


5 reps each

Start in a standing position and as quickly as possible place your chest flat on the floor. Return to the standing position and then as quickly as possible, lie down, placing your back flat on the ground. Complete 5 repetition of each for a total of 10 repetitions.


10 reps
Start in a standing position and bend through the knees and hips, dropping your hips down to a depth that the crease of the hips is sitting lower than the knee joint. Forcefully drive back to the start position, completing 10 repetitions as quickly as possible.


10 reps
Place the hands just outside shoulder width and is pressing off the feet, look to maintain alignment through the spine. As you descend into the movement the elbows should be on an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the torso.


5 reps each side
Begin in a split stance with your left leg positioned in front of your right leg. Place your right hand lightly on the ground and forcefully drive off the left foot, driving your right knee up until the knee is above the hip.


10 reps
Begin with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and your hands extended in front of your face with one hand sitting on top of the other. Hinge at the hips until the thumbs brush the outside of the knees, then forcefully extend the hips returning the hands to the start position.



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