Do you look at the reviews before you buy new activewear? Most of us get referred by a friend or check out what others have to say before investing in new tights and crops, because simply put, activewear isn’t cheap and given the amount of work you do in it, it needs to stand the test of time (and squats). We all have our cult favourites, but one spot we should be looking for new gear it turns out is Amazon! Full of amazing dupes and surely too good to be true sets for the price, here are three activewear buys from Amazing Australia that come highly recommended. 


These tights popped up on everyone’s radar recently thanks to the team at Mamamia who have declared them the “best Amazon leggings”. Why are they so great? Well they are a very close dupe for the beloved Lululemon Align tights! From the shape, high-rise no-dig cut, 25-inch (approx ⅞) length and buttery soft fabric, they are extremely similar! At just $34 they are much cheaper than the Lululemon pairs that will set you back $119. 

Besides the very close match to a workout wardrobe must-have, everyone is going crazy (pun intended) for the CRZ Yoga tights because of their extensive size and colour range. The tights come in 2X-Small to 2X-Large and come in a whopping 27 colours and patterns. 

YouTubers such as Lauren Curtis and Mamamia executive editor Leigh Campbell have high praise for the tights, and with an 85% star rating of 4-5, they’re clearly not alone. 

CRZ Yoga has tights in other lengths, shorts, workout shirts and cute matching crops in various colours if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe beyond the Naked Feeling fabric line. 

2. Core 10 Tights

Core 10 is Amazon’s very own brand and they’ve really tapped into what people want in workout wear here. Not only do the sizes range from 3X-Small to 3X-Large which is practically unheard of in other athletic brands, but they even offer a ‘Build Your Own’ pair of tights in a classic black where you choose the waist style and length (perfect for short and tall girls). 

Their main range of tights comes in 13 dreamy colours, it’s hard to choose just one. Personally, we’re loving the Sage and Mauve, but there isn’t one we’d say no to. The material is again likened to the Lululemon Aligns and has that ‘naked’ feel. While not compression tights, despite their comfortable fabric according to the reviews they are squat-proof tights. Starting at just $38 a pair, if you want a form fitting pair of leggings, don’t miss these!

3. Bbmee Seamless 2 Piece Set

Seamless sets are all the rage lately. No wonder, they look great but the price point often makes them quite an investment (if you can even get your hands on a great set before they sell out like Gymshark’s often do!). Amazon comes to the rescue again with a seamless two-piece set from bbmee. The long-line crop and high-waist leggings start at just $41! There are six colours to choose from and each has the slight ribbing effect that gives you that nice lengthening effect. With 88% 5-star ratings, this is one set you want to snap up before everyone else notices and it’s gone! One reviewer says: “I've worn the leggings several times to the gym for the past three months and so far, I've had no issues with the seams unraveling or fabric tearing after doing leg workout (i.e. squats, step ups, deadlift, lunges, split squats). The bra/leggings have also retained its shape and color after washing.” 

The biggest drawback for this set is that you can’t mix and match sizes for top and bottom, so if you’re a medium on top but a small on the bottom, you have to make do. Sizing is also limited and less inclusive compared to Core 10 and CRZ Yoga, with just small, medium and large available.

Note: this article is not sponsored by Amazon and we do not get any commission from the links above.


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