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Rejuvenate and refocus your life with a centred flow yoga practice which develops strength, clarity, peace and connection. Hot Yoga aims to help members develop a higher level of self esteem and self confidence through the joy of a challenging physical practice, awakening the mind, reducing stress and improving the body.

Hot Yoga Studio

Our Hot Yoga classes take place in a room set to about 35 degrees. Working out in this heat loosens muscles and joints to improve flexibility and mobility, working deeper into muscles, ligaments and joints. Through Hot Yoga, members can experience extensive whole body stretching.

Hot Yoga is now available in the following clubs:
BrightonCarindale, Chatswood Platinum, Elizabeth Plaza (North Sydney)Elizabeth St (Brisbane CBD), Flinders St Platinum (Melbourne CBD), George St Platinum (Sydney CBD)Macquarie, Maroubra, Melbourne Central, Mermaid WatersMona Vale, Park St Platinum (Sydney CBD), Sylvania, Richmond and Top Ryde Platinum.

Hot Yoga Variations

In addition to our standard yoga class, Fitness First also offers a number of variations including YogaHot Flow YogaGentle Flow Yoga and Dynamic Flow Yoga. We also have a 90 Minute Hot Yoga variation that’s sure to have you working up a sweat. Classes are not available at every club - please check club timetables for more information.


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