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Welcome to Fitness First Australia

  • The Zone

The Zone

The Zone

The Zone is a world first in fitness training providing a time efficient, highly motivating group training experience. This inner city club dedicated entirely to small group training, allows you to share, compare and compete in this fast, inspiring custom designed training environment.

There are 6 progressive, dynamic movement training zones of different intensity levels to offer variety, challenge and cater for every fitness goal and every fitness level.

Qualified trainers lead a series of short 15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions in each zone using dynamic movement training principles to deliver total body, energy demanding, functional workouts that challenge the muscular, cardiovascular and neural systems at once. Each small group is limited to between 8 and 12 people to provide a quality experience.

The Zone is for people on the go who want maximum results in minimum time, it provides the fitness expertise to keep your workouts fresh so your body continues reap the rewards of training.

Push beyond your limits and achieve more than you thought possible.

The Zone is open Monday - Friday 5.30am  to 9pm.

Email us: thezone@fitnessfirst.com.au
Phone us: 1300 55 77 99
Find us: 94 King St, Sydney, 2000


The Zones

There are so many different ways to train. Choose your Zone based on your fitness level and how hard you want to workout.


The Classes

15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions for people on the go who want maximum results in minimum time.


The Timetable

Check out what's on at The Zone.


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