Squad program



Check out our SQUAD in-club sessions

There are two in-club sessions included in each program. These sessions are run on the gym floor by the SQUAD leader in your club.

New south wales & canberra


Fitness First Canberra City

  • Tuesday 5:30pm
  • Thursday 5:30pm

Fitness First Deakin

  • Tuesday 6.30am
  • Wednesday 6.00pm
  • Thursday 12.15pm
  • Friday 9.30am


Sydney Central

Fitness First Barangaroo Titanium

  • Tuesday 6:15am
  • Thursday 6:15am

Fitness First Bond Street Platinum

  • Monday 6:15am
  •  Friday 6:15am

Fitness First Darlinghurst Platinum

  • Monday 6:40pm
  • Thursday 6:40pm

Fitness First George Street Platinum

  • Monday 11:30am
  • Wednesday 6:15am
  • Thursday 6:15pm

Fitness First Kings Cross Platinum

  • Wednesday 5:30pm
  •  Friday 6:30am

Fitness First Market Street Platinum

  • Monday 1:30pm
  • Thursday 1:30pm

Fitness First Newtown

  • Monday 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 6:30am

Fitness First Park St Platinum

  •  Tuesday 1:15pm
  •  Thursday 7:00am

Fitness First Pitt St Platinum

  •  Tuesday 7:15am
  •  Wednesday 7:15am
  •  Friday 6:45am

Fitness First Shelley St Platinum

  • Tuesday 6:15am
  • Wednesday 6:15pm

Fitness First The Zone Platinum

  •  Monday 7:15pm
  •  Wednesday 6:15am

Sydney North Shore

Fitness First Chatswood Platinum

  •  Monday 7:00am
  •  Tuesday 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 12:30pm
  •  Thursday 9:30am

Fitness First Mosman Platinum

  • Monday 10:30am
  • Wednesday 6:00pm
  • Friday 6:30am

Fitness First North Sydney Elizabeth Plaza 

  • Tuesday 7:15am
  • Thursday 7:15am

Fitness First North Sydney Walker Street

  • Wednesday 1:00pm

Fitness First St Leonards

  • Monday 6:15pm
  • Thursday 12:45pm
  • Saturday 10:30am

Fitness First Willoughby Platinum

  •  Tuesday 8:30am
  •  Friday 8:30am

Sydney North West

Fitness First Carlingford

  •  Tuesday 10am
  •  Thursday 6pm

Fitness First Castle Hill

  •  Tuesday 7:00am
  •  Thursday 6:00pm
  •  Saturday 8:00am

Fitness First Hornsby

  •  Monday 8:45am
  •  Wednesday 5:15pm
  •  Saturday 9:30am

Fitness First Macquarie

  • Wednesday 7:15am
  • Thursday 5pm

Fitness First North Ryde

  • Monday 12:15pm
  • Thursday 12:15pm

Fitness First Pennant Hills

  • Monday 6:00am
  • Tuesday 6:00pm
  • Saturday 8:00am 

Fitness First Top Ryde Platinum

  • Tuesday 6:15am
  • Thursday 7pm
  • Friday 10:30am

Sydney Northern Beaches

Fitness First Balgowlah Platinum

  • Tuesday 10:15am
  • Thursday 6.15am
  • Saturday 8:00am

Fitness First Dee Why

  • Tuesday 6:00am
  • Thursday 6:30pm

Fitness First Mona Vale Platinum

  •  Monday 5:30pm
  •  Wednesday 8:30am
  •  Thursday 6:15am


Sydney South

Fitness First Cronulla

  •  Tuesday 7:00am
  •  Friday 7:00am

Fitness First Menai

  •  Tuesday 7:00pm
  •  Saturday 10:00am

Fitness First Rockdale

  • Tuesday 6:00am
  • Thursday 6:00pm

Fitness First Sylvania

  •  Tuesday 5:00am
  •  Thursday 5:00am

Fitness First Wanda

  •  Held at Cronulla

Sydney West

Fitness First North Strathfield

  •  Wednesday 6:00am
  •  Friday 6:00am

Fitness First Parramatta

  •  Wednesday 6:15pm
  • Saturday 9:15am

Fitness First Parramatta Westfields

  •  Monday 12:15pm


Eastern Suburbs

Fitness First Bondi Platinum

  • Monday 7:30am
  • Wednesday 7:30am

Fitness First Bondi Spring Street Platinum

  • Monday 7:30am 
  • Friday 7:30am

Fitness First Maroubra

  •  Monday 6:00pm
  •  Wednesday 6:00am

Fitness First Randwick

  • Monday 6:35pm
  • Friday 6:35am

Central Coast

Fitness First Erina Fair

  • Monday 9:30am
  • Wednesday 6:00pm
  • Thursday 6:45am


Melbourne CBD

Fitness First Bourke Street

  • Tuesday 6:30pm 
  • Wednesday 12:30pm 
  • Thursday 6:30pm

Fitness First Flinders St Platinum

  • Tuesday 12.30pm
  • Thursday 12:30pm

Fitness First Melbourne Central Platinum

  • Tuesday 7:30am
  • Thursday 7:30am

Fitness First QV Platinum

  • Tuesday 6:30am
  • Thursday 6:30am

Melbourne East

Fitness First Doncaster

  •  Tuesday 7:00am
  •  Thursday 5:30pm

Fitness First Glen Waverley

  • Wednesday 5:45pm
  • Saturday 8:30am

Melbourne South East

Fitness First Bayside

  • Monday 6:15am
  • Wednesday 6:15am

Fitness First Brighton

  • Tuesday 5:45pm
  • Saturday 8:00am

Fitness First Chadstone (Malvern Valley)

  • Saturday 9:30am
  • Wednesday 6:45pm
  • Thursday 10:00am
  • Thursday 6:30pm

Fitness First Richmond Platinum

  • Monday 6:50am
  • Wednesday 6:20pm
  • Friday 6:50am

Fitness First Richmond Victoria Gardens

  • Monday 6:15am
  • Wednesday 12:45pm
  • Thursday 6:15pm
  • Saturday 10:00am

Fitness First St Kilda

  • Monday 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 6:30pm



Fitness First Elizabeth St Platinum

  • Tuesday 6:00am
  • Friday 12:15pm

Fitness First Carindale

  • Monday 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 6:30am 
  • Friday 5:00am
  • Saturday 8:00am 

Fitness First Indooroopilly

  • Monday 6:15am
  • Thursday 6:15am

Fitness First Lutwyche

  • Monday 6:15am
  • Thursday 5:30pm

Fitness First Toowong

  • Monday 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 6:00pm
  • Friday 12:15pm

Fitness First Wynnum

  • Monday 5:30pm
  • Friday 8:15am

Gold Coast

Fitness First Mermaid Waters

  •  Tuesday 6am
  •  Saturday 9am

Fitness First Robina

  • Monday 6:15pm
  • Wednesday 6:15pm