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If you’re looking to go further in life, your first step is a session with one of our expert personal trainers at Fitness First Bondi. Get a tailored program that keeps you on track to achieve your goals … plus the ongoing motivation and support of your friendly trainer.

Ellie Silvers and Masa Yamaguchi are our Bondi personal trainers, and they’re both here to help you feel fantastic about yourself in no time. Whether you’re after strength and conditioning, cardio, pre- or post-pregnancy training, rehab or any other form of fitness training, these guys will tailor a program that’s geared for personal growth. Yours.

Feel good, live well

Ellie PT Bondi

"I want my clients to walk away from a session feeling strong and proud. I help them achieve things they didn’t know they were capable of."

Ellie Silvers, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Bondi

Ellie believes that the mental benefits that you get from a session with her are just as – if not more – important than any physical gains. The things she’ll teach you in the gym are valuable in all areas of life.

She’s all about instilling self-belief, which is why you’re likely to hear her cry, “You’ve got this!” when a client’s struggling through the final 10 seconds of a challenging rep. With her encouragement, you’ll get it each time – and you’ll feel great for it.

Ellie will work with you to design a program tailored to your specific goals. Knowing her, it might just include a hip thrust or two. Not sure what that is? Watch this video.


Personal training superstar

Masa PT Bondi

"I see every new day as an opportunity … and I’m here to help my clients see life this way too"

Masa Yamaguchi, Personal Trainer, Fitness First Bondi

One session with Masa and you’ll see why he’s achieved such success in his life. He follows the code of the Bushido Samurai – justice, courage, honour, respect, integrity, loyalty and compassion shape everything he does. And he’ll help you see the world that way, too.

With almost 20 years of personal training behind him – plus a few Hollywood blockbusters thrown in for good measure – Masa will show you that every day is a new opportunity to pursue a more healthy, balanced way of life.

He will work with you through whatever goals you have for health, fitness and general wellbeing. Many of his clients can be spotted doing Masa’s favourite move, the Clean & Split Jerk Kettlebell, a full-body workout that requires strength, speed, stability and coordination.


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Take the first step towards optimum health and wellbeing by popping in to our Bondi clubs to meet Ellie and Masa. Or, call us on 1300 55 77 99 (select option 1, then option 3 followed by 266 for Bondi).

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