Put yourself first so you can put others first

By putting yourself first you become a stronger person (physically and mentally) so you can be a stronger person for the little people in your life. Take some time for yourself while your kids enjoy our PlayZone facilities, open to all children aged six weeks to 12 years.  We offer this service so you can put yourself first without a worry. In PlayZone, children enjoy art, craft, construction, sensory activities and language and gross motor experience under the guidance of our professional team.  We encourage you to read our guidelines and FAQs below to ensure your child has the best possible experience at PlayZone. 


Enrolments and Admissions

We want all children to enjoy the PlayZone experience and to do so all we need is an up-to-date and complete enrolment form for the first visit. It is important that throughout your membership, you keep this updated in case we need to use this information in an emergency. Our PlayZone sessions fill up fast and we recommend booking a place in advance (see ‘Bookings’ for more information).

Age Groups

PlayZone is open to kids from six weeks to 12 years and is divided into two activity-specific areas to accommodate each separately with age-appropriate fun.

Staff and Qualifications

We offer a professional service to our members and in doing so, follow clear staff requirements at all of our sites. All PlayZone staff are qualified and/or experienced in childcare (a minimum 12 months experience). Note: In Victoria, we hire qualified staff as per the current state legislation.


We want to make sure everyone has the chance to use PlayZone so each booking is for 90 minutes. You are able to make a booking for PlayZone directly at this facility in club. Bookings can be cancelled free-of-charge up to 90 minutes prior. If you do not cancel, and do not attend your booking, you will be charged the full-fee per child. We do have members on a waiting list, and if you cancel, this will open the spot up for them. Unfortunately, if you do not cancel on several occasions, this may result in a temporary suspension from using the service. We have a booking system in place to ensure we have staff on board to give your child the most fulfilling and safe environment to enjoy themselves in. We endeavour to cater for all of our members however there is no guarantee that your preferred time and day will be available. For your ease, bookings can be made by telephone prior to 9am or after 12pm, Monday to Friday or book up to a week in advance (maximum 3 sessions) in person during operating hours. If you are required to leave a message, please assume the booking has been accepted unless we call to advise otherwise.


To ensure you get the most workout time possible, we have pre-paid cards are available from Reception. These are filed at PlayZone once purchased and make the registration process quick and easy each time your child attends PlayZone. If you happen to use PlayZone at another club, you may be required to pay additional fees depending on the category of club e.g. Victorian clubs have an increased fee due to legislation of staffing ratios. Bookings are available one week in advance, for up to three times per week, when booked in person. A friend can also book for you, but not for more than five children at one time. Single payments can be made at Reception. A receipt will be given to you to present to PlayZone on arrival. Please note: as this can take time, please consider our pre-paid card options.

What To Bring

As a safety precaution, we ask all children under 24 months be brought in a pram or stroller so we can evacuate quickly in the case of a fire. Our PlayZone team are on hand to provide a service that is safe and enjoyable for you and your children. For our service to work efficiently, we do not have the means for our staff to change nappies. If there is an emergency, our staff are there to assist, but we request the parent/guardian change their children’s nappies as needed. Children need to keep hydrated too, so make sure you pack them a labeled water bottle. Unfortunately, no solid food is allowed. Make your child’s visit as comfortable as possible, and ensure they are in comfy play clothes. Please label your bags and belongings with your child’s full name.

Check-in And Check-out

We need to know who is in our service and when, and ask parents and guardians to record each individual child on the Registration schedule upon arrival. Please ensure you tell us where you will be in the gym and your return time as we need this information in case of emergency. Remember, you must sign your child out upon pick-up.


We understand children have schedules too, and welcome parents to return to feed their children if that schedule falls within their PlayZone time. We ask that no solid foods be brought into the PlayZone area so we avoid possible problems such as food allergies, inappropriate foods and choking.

Cancellations And Waiting

If the specific session you would like to book is full, you can put your name on the waiting list and we will advise you if we have any cancellations.


We try to engage children in as many ways as possible, ensuring they have a fulfilling PlayZone experience, which often utilises the television as one of our forms of entertainment.

Behaviour Management / Positive Guidance

Our aim with discipline in PlayZone is to always maintain control of the group. Staff will positively convey the limits of our PlayZone to your children. We hope children come to PlayZone to enjoy themself and if an incident was to arise staff will always try to diffuse this and have children learn consequences of bad behavior. All staff speak in a respectful positive manner to the children and refrain from negative labeling. We encourage children through positive role modelling and clear guidelines should a child need any behavioural management. Please note: if a child becomes disruptive or difficult, the parent/guardian will be collected and asked to calm their children.


No medication will be administered at PlayZone. If your child requires medication for an ongoing condition i.e. asthma, allergies, please ensure that you manage this personally. Please be advised that the PlayZone team will administer medication in the case of Anaphylaxis or emergency under the supervision of a supplied Action Plan. Note: Parents will need to complete the childs Medication Record to authorise the PlayZone team to provide this medication.

In The Event Of Illness

To ensure the well-being of all at our Clubs, we unfortunately will not admit children to PlayZone who are unwell. There are guidelines we adhere to in this case and the Public Health Act (1992) requires we are provided the current immunization status of children.

If a child is not vaccinated against an immunisable condition, we ask they do not attend PlayZone in the case of an outbreak of that condition. Please keep children with the following symptoms away from PlayZone until they are back to full health: A heavy cold (green mucus is a good indication) Diarrhoea in the previous 24 hours Vomiting in the previous 24 hours Any infectious disease A high temperature Fitness First does reserve the right to refuse entry to any child. If any child becomes ill whilst in the PlayZone our staff will attend to the needs of the child on a one-on-one basis until the parent or guardian returns.

Emergency Care


1. One staff member immediately attends to the child, to console and comfort and if necessary, administer first aid. An ambulance will be called if required. 2. Another staff member will be elected to collect the parent/guardian and or medical assistance and will bring that person back to PlayZone. Note: this may be any club staff. 3. PlayZone Supervisor must ensure that the incident/injury report is completed 4. Parent/guardian’s signatures on the report must be checked before releasing the child. Note: If staff notice a cut or bruise on a child when signing in, it will be brought to the attention of the parent/guardian. This ensures that it has been identified and no responsibility will be placed on the staff. If a child starts regularly rubbing an eye or other area or seems slightly upset/uncomfortable, the parent/guardian will be collected. Please refer to ‘Medication’ regarding Anaphylaxis and emergencies.


We want to know how you find our services and always welcome feedback on PlayZone. If you have any comments or concerns, please direct these to the PlayZone Supervisor or Club Manager. We will always deal with minor concerns immediately and work with the Club Manager to assess greater concerns. If necessary, the Club Manager, PlayZone Supervisor and parent concerned may meet to discuss the situation.

Formal complaints may be addressed to:

Service Compliance

Fitness First Support Office

PO Box 715

Bondi Junction NSW 1355

or [email protected]

Or you may contact your state’s Human Services Department.