How being green will make you lean

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Aside from saving 50 cents off your coffee every time you bring your reusable cup and a virtual high-5 from Captain Planet every time you head to the shops with a reusable bag you probably don’t need any extra incentives to reduce your waste. But just in case you did, chances are becoming more sustainable will also help you become healthier, here’s how.


1. The great outdoors

Whilst yes there have been some amazing innovations in the sustainability sphere think faux meats and zippy Tesla’s, arguably one of the best parts of living more sustainably is that it is nothing new. Living more sustainably often involves going back to what we used to do many years ago, pretty much anything your Nana would do. This means gardening is back (hello incidental calories), hiking is cool (weekend workout - tick!) and catching up with a friend for a beach clean up (multi-tasking) gets a green tick of approval.


2. Back to basics

On the topic of your Nan this also includes going back to basics and cooking from scratch. Say see-ya later to packaged foods and hello to homemade. This means you know exactly what is going into your food (more vegetables, less flavourings) helping you to live healthier and you are often reducing the amount of plastic packaging in your kitchen. Psst don’t overthink it one of the best zero waste snacks around is a piece of fruit rather than a plastic-laden, calorie filled vending machine snack. 


3. Meat-free

Did you know that 70% of all agricultural land and 8% of global water is used for the livelihood of livestock, meaning that meat is one of the most energy intensive parts of your plate. Reduce your meat intake and you’ll decrease your carbon footprint and also your waistline. A study by Loma Linda University revealed that vegetarians had a greater life expectancy than those who ate meat as well as a decreased risk of numerous cancers including cardiovascular disease.


4. On foot

Transport is responsible for a staggering 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. The simple solution is to ditch your car where you can and travel on foot or on public transport. Not only will you be smashing your step goal but you’re also helping the environment.


Lottie is a sustainability expert and the founder of online education and eco-friendly store, Banish:

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