4 Common Breakfast Mistakes

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Love it or loathe it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do it wrong however and you’ll have roller coasting energy levels, a grumbling tummy and problems focusing at work. Are you making these common breakfast mistakes?



It’s called the most important meal of the day for a reason, yet still many of us ditch it either intentionally or unintentionally. When you skip breakfast your blood sugar levels take a dive, your metabolism lags, and your stress hormones start to skyrocket.

Your best bet is a meal that includes slow-releasing carbohydrates and protein – both of which keep you satisfied for longer and help prevent blood sugar and hormonal fluctuations. Balanced choices include fruit salad with yoghurt and a sprinkle of nuts or seeds; Multigrain toast with avocado or nut spread and a piece of fruit; eggs any style with wholegrain toast; or a fruit smoothie.

Not hungry or pushed for time? Start small with a boiled egg or smoothie, keep your dinner light, and cut back on alcohol or snacks right before bed.



Carbs are good! Just choose the quality kind – the ones that give you a sustained energy boost. Fact is, your brain relies heavily on carbohydrates as its main source of fuel and numerous studies have shown improvement on memory tests and cognition. Opt for wholegrain Bircher or granola or include a slice of sourdough toast with your omelette.



While sipping your morning brew and crunching toast in front of a screen may mean a clear inbox, “distracted eating” has its disadvantages beyond coffee stains on your notebook. Casual munching in front of a screen leads to larger portion sizes, thus weight gain.

Another drawback of eating at your desk is increased sitting time. Eating away from your workspace, not only gives you a true restorative break, but a chance to savour and aid satisfaction, which is important in preventing mindless munching later in the day.



While a large soy flat white, banana smoothie or green juice may be the quickest option on-the-run, research shows that having a liquid form of a food instead of a solid one may result in more calories consumed during the day. Why? researchers conclude that the body is less likely to register the calories liquids contain, and you may end up overindulging. Best you team your morning brew or juice with a slice of toast and wave goodbye to mid-morning muffin run.

Lucy Beaumont is a health and fitness nut who believes in moderation and balance. She is a registered Nutritionist (BHSc), Pilates instructor and health and fitness writer. Lucy works in private clinical practice, in corporate health, teaches Pilates at several Sydney studios and writes for several print and online media platforms.

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