7 tips for sticking with your New Year resolutions

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New Year is the perfect time to hit reset on your goals! However, many of us go into the new year with a long list of resolutions that quickly get forgotten as January ends. This year can be different though, just follow the below tips and you’ll have New Year resolutions that stand the test of time and transform your life. 

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

One of the main reasons people fall short of their big goals is because they try to do too much at once. We advise separating your goals into levels, whether that’s small, medium, large or bronze, silver, gold, be creating a tiered goal system with only one or two big goals, a handful of medium ones and many small ones, you have a much higher chances of not feeling overwhelmed by how much you want to do.
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2. Visualise it

There is a lot of power in imagining yourself achieving your goals. Write them down in as much detail as possible and then spend some time each day, maybe as soon as you wake up or before you go to sleep, where you visualise how you’ll feel when you reach your goal, or an image of you getting there. There are many ways to visualise and if you want to take it to the next level you can create a vision board for the whole year or just your goals, or even try manifestation meditation. 
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3. Follow the SMART method

The SMART method is a well known process for goal setting. It asks you to think about your plans with a practical and realistic hat on. Following this method your goals should be:
Specific - be exact about what you want, detail is important!
Measurable - your goal should show a change of state, say X to Y, the more you can quantify change the more likely you’ll stay on track.
Attainable - we all want to earn $5 million in one year, but think about your resources and availability before mapping out your dreams, some may be 10 year goals. 
Relevant - if your dream doesn’t align with your values you’re more likely to give up, so choose something that has meaning to you and who you are.
Time Bound - give yourself some parameters around when you’ll achieve your mission to keep yourself accountable.
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4. Break it down

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big! If you do though your quickest path to success is breaking down that big goal into a bunch of small goals. This is known as ‘chunking’ and it acts as your roadmap to the big dream, while also continuing to motivate you along the way as you achieve smaller goals. 
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5. Tell people about your plans

Telling people about your New Year resolutions may not seem like a big deal but what it actually does is make you accountable. When people are checking in on you you’ll feel like you can’t let them down (or yourself in the process). Your friends, family, coworkers and gym buddies can all help keep you on track and they’ll likely tell you their own goals so you can help them accountable!
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6. App it out

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days (and there pretty much is) but there are plenty out there that will automatically help you achieve your dreams. To start you can map your goals and plan ahead with a notes or calendar app. Go deeper and find a specific app that’s aligned to your goal. Want to get 8 hours of sleep? Download a sleep tracking app. Want to run a marathon? Grab yourself a running app! There are plenty of health, wellness and fitness apps that will happily send you reminders everyday and before you know it, it’ll be December again and you’ll have ticked off that yearly bucket list!
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7. Check in and check in often

A year can go so fast and it might be January one day and then March the next! Don’t lose sight of your resolutions by pencilling in a weekly or monthly check in. You can make this as formal or informal as you like, but it’s important you reflect and be honest with yourself about what steps you’ve taken to meet your goal and what you’ll do next over the next week or month. A check in is also a good time to pivot! A bit of flexibility in your goals is important because you may reach a goal early and want to go further, or your circumstances might change and you may follow a new path, so checking in will give you the time to do that. 

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