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Give your activewear collection an eco-touch with five brands that are great for the gym and great for the environment.

There’s arguably no better motivation than new workout gear, right? But with the fashion industry being one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases and one of the largest consumers of water in Australia, choosing sustainably pays off. Fortunately the activewear industry have been one of the fastest adaptors of sustainable practices not only within manufacturing but in textile design and recycles so without further ado here’s a round-up of our favourite sustainable brands. 


1. Adidas

Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide Score: A

adidas announced late last year that they are phasing out all materials made from virgin plastic, using only recycled materials by 2024. Together with tech company Parley, adidas is setting the trend for other like minded businesses “in 2018 alone, we saved more than 40 tons of plastic waste in our offices, retail stores, warehouses and distribution centers worldwide and replaced it with more sustainable solutions,” explained Gil Steyaert, who is responsible for global operations.



2. Ice Breaker

Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide Score: A+

From across the ditch comes the innovative and socially responsible company icebreaker, with a Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide score worth bragging about – Ice Breaker are one of just seven companies to receive an A+ score. Their range is perfect for runners, hikers and skiers alike Icebreaker has also pledged that by 2023 100% of their clothing will be made from natural fibres. 



3. Lululemon Athletica

Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide Score: A-

One of the original activewear brands, Lululemon is more than just a yogi’s haven. Their versatile range suits swimmers, runners and all-rounders alike. Lululemon measures their impact through three core pillars Be Human, Be Well and Be Planet. Not only is their clothing responsibly made (and from sustainable materials where possible) but they have ambitious targets centered around greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy. 




4. Nimble

Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide Score: NA*

Australian label Nimble are on a mission to make waste history! All of their clothing is made within an 80km radius to ensure they keep their carbon footprint low. Plus, their COMPRESSLITETM range is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles meaning that one pair of tights is made from six bottles and each sports bra is made from two bottles. Hop to it because their colourful prints and patterns don’t last! 




5. Patagonia

Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide Score: A

Patagonia pride themselves on being the leaders within the sustainable fashion space. They were among the first companies to weave environmental and social responsibility into everything they do. To date they’ve donated over $89 million to grassroots environmental groups around the world. They’ve got something for everyone with their sports range catering for surfers to runners and even fishermen!



6. First Base

Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide Score: NA*

For Bondi-label First Base sustainability is at the core of what they do, with most of their garments being made from Econyl, organic cottons and bamboo it doesn’t stop there. Designer, Ali Cotton explains that “one of the key goals for the brand is to reduce the volume of garments produced and the wastage that occurs around garment production. Through this collection [Renew Capsule 1.0] First Base is able to begin that process and further minimise their environmental impact.” Their latest collection features just 20 pieces per style and utilises remnant trims in each piece.




* Hasn’t been graded by the Baptist Ethical Fashion Guide



Lottie is a sustainability expert and the founder of online education and eco-friendly store, Banish:

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