NRL Pre-Season Workout with Corban McGregor

Friday, October 23, 2020, in Fitness, Workouts by

When you think of electrifying pace and fast footwork in the women’s National Rugby League, fullback Corban McGregor’s name is usually top of mind. But the speedster’s rise to the top of the speed ladder isn’t by fluke. 

After clocking a record game-high speed of 30.6km/h in the first round of the NRL Telstra Women’s Premiership (equal first with Olympic gold medalist Ellia Green), the Roosters’ star’s rigorous pre-season has proven fruitful. 

The representative flyer’s leg workout isn’t made up of a couple of sprints. Instead, Corban focuses on building lower body muscle to improve her acceleration and agility. Here’s what the Jillaroo’s training program looks like.


High knees, Butt flicks, karaoke

1 min 


Workout: 2 sets

Shuttles with Chest Drop
1 min

10 reps

Split Squat and Reverse Lunge  with Dumbbells
10 reps

Cossack squats 
10 reps

Overhead Press Squats 
10 reps

Double Leg Plyo Jumps 
10 reps

Straight and Lateral Jumping Agility Drill
16 reps

Rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat for a second round!




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