Get Fit For Snow Season With These Skier Exercises

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 Baby, it’s cold outside! Ski season is upon us. If you’re planning a snow trip, now is the perfect time to get your fitness in check so can make the most of your time on the slopes and avoid injury. Ski exercises to master before you hit the slopes.

There are two key essentials in training for the ski season;

1. Cardiovascular Conditioning

When training to improve performance in a particular sport, you want to try and recreate the specific exercise itself. In the gym, the elliptical machines, such as the Arc Trainer and Cross Trainer, closely resemble the movement of skiing. The Stair Mill is another great piece of equipment to condition your body for climbing back up the slopes.

2. Balance and Lateral Movement

Whether skiing or snowboarding, excellent balance is essential. That’s why it’s important to combine strength exercises that involve lateral movements and work to increase your balance.

Here’s a great strength workout that will get you in peak physical condition to hit the slopes:

Standing Lateral Tilts (BOSU Ball)

5 rounds of 60 secs
Stand on the unstable side of a BOSU Ball in a semi squat position, maintaining a neutral spine and very importantly, bracing the core. Tilt from side to side, gradually building up speed, as balance and skill increases.


Lateral Ski Box Jumps

5 rounds of 30 secs
Stand a small distance away from a box, feet shoulder width apart in a semi squat position, with your knees flexed and your chest lifted. Jump laterally over the box with soft knees, landing on both feet and letting the arms rock from behind to in front, in a smooth ski-like motion. Repeat non-stop side to side over the box for 30 seconds at a time.


Russian Twists

3 sets of 10 to 20 reps
Sit on the ground and lean up slightly with your knees and hips bent at a 90-degree angle. Grab a dumbbell or weight plate and hold it with bent arms away from your chest. With your feet off the floor, engage your core and rotate your upper body as far as you can to the right, touching the weight to the ground. Return to the center and then twist to the other side. One repetition is a twist to each side.


Single-leg Romanian Deadlift

3 sets of 10 to 20 reps
Stand upright with the back straight and torso tight, looking straight ahead. Lift one leg off the ground and straighten out at an angle behind you. Tip your upper body by bending forward at the hip and keeping the knee slightly bent. As you bend forward allow the raised leg to rise behind you, keeping it straight and in line with the torso. Bend from the hip until you feel a mild stretch in your hamstring. Squeeze your hamstring and glute to return to the starting position. Focus on pushing the hip back and not bending the knee.



Jonny is a Senior Personal Trainer and mentor Personal Trainer at Fitness First Bondi Spring Street Platinum. He has been in the industry for 19 years wearing many different hats as a Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Advanced Physique Coach, Nutritional Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Sports Coach and Personal Trainer Manager. Jonny is a sports and fitness enthusiast specialising in strength, conditioning and running – helping clients from absolute beginners to experienced marathon runners achieve their goals.

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