Build Strength With This Functional Workout

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While big heavy compound lifts are great for building muscle, sometimes you need to revert to more natural movements to increase your strength. Exercises that incorporate instinctive motions can help us push through everyday to-ing and fro-ing. 

Fitness first trainer and holistic health coach Kristy Kurtis has delivered us a workout fit for our ancestors, building functional strength. Aim for 3 sets.


Cable Woodchop

10 reps each side

Take your legs out wide and grip the cable handle with your outside hand over the top. Shift your body weight from side to side. Take your arms away from the body with a slight elbow bend as you move the cable from the shoulder towards the opposite knee. Draw your belly button in and lift your chest.

Pushups with an arabesque

5 reps each side

Place your hands outside of your shoulders, set your shoulders towards your spine and tuck your elbows towards your body. Either on your knees or on your toes lower yourself down so your chest is in line with your elbows, as you come up take one arm to the ceiling and tilt your body to one side.

VIPR front lunge with upper cut

5 reps each side

Hold the VIPR by both handles at waist height. As you lunge with one leg forward take the VIPR to the side that is lunging and move it diagonally across the body to finish on the opposite shoulder.

One arm kettlebell press

8 reps each side

In a kneeling position take one leg forward and take the KB in the opposite hand.  Eyes forward and KB in the rack position, maintain a neutral spine and a strong core as you press the KB above your head keeping the elbows and wrists in line with the shoulder.

Dumbbell Squat press

10 reps

Take your feet just outside of your shoulder width and take the dumbbells in either hand up to your shoulders. As you squat down drive your bodyweight through your heels, and as you come up, press the dumbbells overhead with your elbows in line with your shoulders.




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