If someone told you to put yourself first, would you feel comfortable doing that? Or are you more likely to come up with a million reasons why you can’t because that seems selfish? You’re not alone in thinking that carving out time for yourself seems to be synonymous with not caring about others, but we’re here to tell you six reasons why putting yourself first isn’t selfish at all.

1. If you don’t put on your own oxygen mask, you can’t help others

When you’re on a flight they run through the safety procedures, telling you that if an emergency happens you should fit your own oxygen mask before helping those around you. The simple truth of that logic is you WON’T be able to help others if you don’t prioritise yourself. Beyond the safety aspect, it’s a metaphor that rings true in many areas of life. You can’t truly be in the  best position to be of service to your loved ones if you’re not looking after yourself.

2. Your vibe is your tribe

They say you attract whatever energy you put out. If you want to surround yourself with brilliant, inspiring and uplifting people, YOU need to be one too! By taking time to make sure your vibe (which can be defined as your emotional state and the atmosphere you create) is in line with your values and the life you want for yourself, you’ll be able to bring that to the table in all your interactions, making that “selfish” time you spent working on your vibe actually work for others too.

3. Self-love = more love for others

Self-love and self-care are so important to foster. They’re not luxuries or ‘nice to haves’, they are essential! Forming a strong basis of what love looks and feels like will allow you to pass that love onto others, either romantically or platonically. Taking time to put yourself first when it comes to fitness, a Friday night on the couch instead of at a party, or removing someone toxic from your life are all ways to love yourself, and then in the future you can make the same space for loving others because you already know how it feels. 

4. Recognising positive things about yourself paves the way for greater happiness

Happiness breeds happiness and if you’re able to focus on the amazing things about yourself (whether that’s you’re a morning person, have boundless energy in BodyJam or are really good at meal prep), you’ll be at such peace with yourself that you can bring that happiness to other people. Celebrating yourself is the key to knowing how to celebrate others as it opens your heart to more for you and more for them! What could be selfish about that?!

5. Pursuing your passion is inspiring

A belief in your own abilities doesn’t make you full of yourself. Far from it! Having a passion and working hard for it is an inspiration. It is perfectly okay to out yourself first and set aside time each work to work on a hobby or skill that makes you feel alive. Always wanted to paint? Do it! Dying to master a chin up? Do it! Those goals and passions show others around you that they too can achieve greatness if they put their mind to it.

6. You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself

We all wish we could wave a magic wand and set the world right sometimes. Sadly, we can’t, but if we all do one (even a very small) thing, we can see big change. That’s why putting yourself first and making a change by getting to the gym, or finishing that project on the house, or visiting your family more are so critical - because you’re in control! Taking charge of your life and making good changes can lead to even bigger and better changes! No one can do these things for you. It’s in your power alone, so put yourself first starting today. Are you ready to Put Yourself First? Get started at Fitness First today.


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