Work at your own pace and push yourself to achieve your individual goals in our freestyle group fitness training classes. With classes targeted at all the major muscle groups, you decide how to tailor your training to see the results you want! We’ve got core sessions, HIIT classes, suspension classes and more, all aimed at improving your strength, balance and flexibility, and toning and sculpting your muscles. Improve your fitness and strength in a fun, motivating group training environment as you encourage and push each other to the finish line!

What is the difference between Athletic, HARDCORE, Strength, Suspension Fusion and HIIT?

Choose from a range of classes targeting different body parts and muscle groups, as you work alongside your training buddies to push each other to new heights!

The best part is, you decide how challenging your workout will be! These freestyle self-paced classes are in your hands, so they’re suitable for all levels and abilities from beginner to advanced.


Athletic classes are held in our Athletic Zones, giving you access to sleds, battle ropes and all the equipment you need for a full-body conditioning workout. You’ll drag, push, pull and swing your way to the finish line, building functional strength, fitness and endurance as you go.

Best for: Full-body conditioning, strengthening, improve fitness and endurance

Calories burned per hour: Up to 500

Suitable for: All fitness levels and intensities

Required Time: 30-45 mins

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HardCore builds core strength by challenging your stability, balance and core muscles using resistance bands and bodyweight. You’ll strengthen key core and back muscles, and improve your flexibility, functional movement, posture and strength to support the rest of your training!

Best for: Core strength, improve stability, posture and balance

Calories burned per hour: Up to 350

Suitable for: All levels, high intensity

Required Time: 30 mins

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Strength challenges your whole body, building lean muscle and functional strength and endurance as you lift moderate to heavy loads. You’ll push yourself close to fatigue, and see the results you’re working for.

Best for: Full-body challenge, build lean muscle, endurance and strength

Calories burned per hour: Up to 300

Suitable for: All levels, moderate-high intensity

Required Time: 30-45 mins

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Suspension Fusion

Suspension Fusion is the ultimate bodyweight workout, using the TRX to work your full body and push you to new heights. You’ll strengthen your core and upper body strength, and improve flexibility and functional range of movement in this group fitness class.

Best for: Core and upper body strength, improve flexibility and posture

Calories burned per hour: Up to 350

Suitable for: All levels, high intensity

Required Time: 30 mins

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H.I.I.T. is our high intensity full body workout, challenging you to short, sharp intervals followed by regular rest so you can give it your all, in every effort. You’ll boost your metabolism, tone your muscles, torch fat and improve power, endurance and fitness in this challenging, dynamic class. Best for: Full body conditioning, boost metabolism, toning, burn calories, improve fitness and endurance

Calories burned per hour: Up to 900

Suitable for: Intermediate-advanced, high intensity

Required Time: 30 mins

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