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Collins Street PLatinum

Melbourne CBD (High Performance Club)

We believe that anyone can train like an athlete to reach their very best, either to meet personal fitness goals or to get an edge in life. At the Fitness First Collins St Platinum we will give you this edge.


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Based on exercise science, Fitness First Collins St Platinum has the power to make you fitter, stronger, faster and leaner.
Our performance coaches will work with you to unlock the benefits of training like an athlete through results focused, trackable, progress driven stages.

FREE Performance Score

Exclusive to members.
Book in a 30 minute free fitness assessment to measure your current fitness level so you can track, progress and see the results. Ask in club to book your assessment.

Free Guest Pass 

Want to learn more?
Book in a visit by downloading a free guest pass and see what we have to offer. Try our 30 minute Freestyle Group Training sessions for a fast, effective workout; check out the weights floor; or join the fun in a group exercise class.


High Performance Classes

Life is played in 3D, so it's important you train in 3D so you can move with strength, speed and power in all directions.
We have developed Signature High Performance Group Training Classes to deliver you maximum results in minimum time through a range of circuit and strength & conditioning experiences.

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Check out our membership options below or download a pdf copy.

Access Type


Platinum Membership allows access to all Platinum and Passport clubs Australia wide.




Optional Training Options


• BioScore is a holistic analysis of your health, fitness and lifestyle. 
• 1:1 PT x 2 consists of two one-on-one training sessions with a qualified Personal Trainer.


Membership Type


Contract is our ongoing payment membership. You can choose a 3, 12 or 18 months minimum term ongoing commitment where you pay fortnightly. A start up fee of $85 is payable upon joining.


Pre Paid is a one off payment membership. You can choose a 10 or 25 visit pack and make a one off payment. 


Contract membership continues past the minimum term until you advise Fitness First you wish to cancel (28 days notice required). 


Cooling Off Period: We offer a 14 day comfort guarantee if you wish to cancel within 14 days of joining for any reason (Start Up fee is non-refundable).


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Club Facilities

For details on specific group exercises, take a look at our class timetables.



Beauty Room

Beauty Room

Cardio Theatre

Cardio Theatre

Cycle Studio

Cycle Studio

Express Training

Express Training


Free Weights

Free Weights

Group Exercises

Gym Floor

Gym Floor

Loaded Weights

Loaded Weights



Monsoon Shower

Monsoon Shower





Steam Room

Steam Room


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Make your training about you

1. Understand how you move


The first step when you enter Fitness First Collins St Platinum is to understand how you move.

With the latest in fitness analysis technology we can measure your fitness in multiple dimensions to show your current general fitness level, identify your goals and develop a personalised performance improvement program to help to progress to where you want to be.

There are two assessments available within Fitness First Collins St Platinum:

A 30 minute fitness assessment that will give you a total score based on the combined measures of strength, condition and power.

BioScore is a holistic analysis of your health, fitness and lifestyle. Not only will your results reveal how old you are biologically (in comparison to your actual age), we’ll show you where there’s room for improvement and guide you on the journey to get there.

2. move


Armed with in-depth knowledge about your fitness potential, it’s time to put your performance into action.

Life is played in 3D, so it’s important you train in 3D so you can move with strength, speed and power in all directions.

True athletic movement is expressed from the ground up, with a strong and stable base and foundation of natural movement patterns, which is why we have developed a wide range of science-based training options for you to explore.

3. progress

lifting cages

An athlete always has their eye on their next personal best, and at Fitness First Collins St Platinum we take the same approach with your training.

Inspired by the principles of athletic coaching, your Performance Coaches will periodically re-assess your personal fitness gains.
Using these insights into your achievements they will recalibrate your workout to help you progress.

Your personal performance improvement program will optimise your progress.