Core Workouts and Muscular Strength Exercises

Core exercises don’t just involve your abs, contrary to popular opinion! They recruit the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to improve your balance and stability, and your functional movement both in exercise and everyday activities. 

Our range of core workouts and muscular strength exercises target your core to strengthen and enhance your major movement patterns and performance across all your workouts and training sessions. 

A strong core is the key to achieving the results you’re fighting for, so try one of our core workouts today!

How Core Strength Exercises Benefit Health

A strong core helps your entire body function better, improving posture, preventing injury, and helping you perform at your best. Strengthening your core muscles helps you master movements in your gym sessions, as well as during everyday activities.

Core strength can help prevent back problems and other posture-related issues as you age, keeping your back, spine and core healthy and functional. It’s an essential component of any workout routine!

Challenging your core to a dynamic range of movements and strength exercises is key to strengthening and stabilising these muscles, so we’ve developed a range of core-focused classes to continue developing your core strength.

Exercise Details

GRIT Strength

This intense 30-minute team training session will strengthen and tone all your major muscle groups, helping you build core and muscular strength with maximum efficiency. You’ll combine weightlifting, running and plyometric movements to increase fitness, strength, endurance and power - and boost your metabolism and calorie burning while you’re at it! Best for: Strengthening, toning, increasing lean muscle

Calories Burned per Hour: 650

Intensity: High

Required time: 30 mins

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Combining elements of yoga, martial arts and strengthening exercises, our Pilates classes improve posture, core strength and flexibility, by stretching and strengthening your entire body. You’ll sculpt and tone your muscles, improve your balance and posture, and enhance your control of your back and core muscles in this lengthening and leaning class.

Best for: Improving flexibility, posture, core strength and muscular control

Calories Burned per Hour: 200-450

Intensity: Low-Moderate

Required time: 60 mins

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This low-impact, floor-based class uses hand weights among other equipment to tone, condition and sculpt your full body and improve core strength. You’ll target key muscle groups, and throw in some upper body and isolation exercises for maximum results, ending with a restorative stretch. Expect enhanced core stability and strength and lean, sculpted limbs without the impact.

Best for: Low impact, conditioning and sculpting, core strength

Calories Burned per Hour: Up to 600

Intensity: Moderate

Required time: 30-60 mins

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The ultimate core-strengthening class, SXT challenges your core using TRX suspension equipment, to give you the most effective workout possible with just your bodyweight. Consisting of core, upper and lower body and cardio interval circuits, you’ll challenge your entire body to build endurance, develop all-over and core strength, and improve your balance and coordination.

Best for: Building endurance, strength, improving balance and coordination, core strength

Calories Burned per Hour: Up to 600

Intensity: Medium-High

Required time: 45 mins

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This low impact sculpting session targets key core muscles, including your abs, glutes, back, obliques and supportive muscles, helping you achieve a tight and toned core for maximum strength and stability. With minimal cardio involved, this quick and efficient workout improves functional strength to support balance, mobility and injury prevention.

Best for: Building endurance, strength, improving balance and coordination, core strength

Calories Burned per Hour: Up to 600

Intensity: Medium-High

Required time: 45 mins

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