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Frequently asked questions


When I join can I use all Fitness First clubs in Australia?

How old do I have to be to join Fitness First?

Does Fitness First offer student discounts?

If I have any queries about my membership or club who do I speak to?

How do I update my personal details and/or account details?

Can I put my membership on hold?

Can I workout while travelling overseas?

What if I want to cancel my membership?

How do I make a complaint?


Can I bring a friend to the club?

Can my children wait for me in the members' lounge while I workout?

Who can I ask if I have trouble using the equipment?

When’s the quietest time to visit the club?

Do I need to bring my own towel?

How do I use the lockers?

What happens if I lose something in the changing rooms?

What if I lose my membership card?

Which clubs have swimming pools?

Which clubs have Power Plate or equivalent?

What should I do if the fire alarm sounds?

Are the team first aid trained?

Are there any social events for members and staff?

Membership cancellations

Joined in the last 14 days

Paying by Direct Debit and still within your minimum membership

Paying by Direct Debit and minimum membership length completed

Made one-off payment and still within minimum membership length

Made one-off payment and minimum membership length completed

Purchased a Pre Paid option


How quickly will I see results when using the gym?

I’ve never used a gym before. What support is on offer?

I have an injury/illness. Can I still use the gym?

Do I need to be fit before I join?

I'm new to classes. Are there any I shouldn’t do?

I am pregnant, is it safe to workout?

I am looking to tone my arms, bum and legs, what would you recommend?