Fitness Workshops are hands on educational sessions where you not only learn new ways to train, you also experience them. Fitness Workshops are fun, interactive and informative sessions to help you learn new skills and get a workout at the same time.

Fitness Workshops are totally FREE for members.

Each Fitness Workshop runs for 30 minutes. Space is restricted to 8-12 members per session (dependant on space and equipment available at the club). You can book your place and session at the reception.

Our workshops are grouped into 5 categories to suit a variety of needs and interests. Also, new workshops will be released every 8 weeks. The categories are:
• Strength – E.g. Strength Training for Women
• Weight Loss – E.g. Lift Weights to Lose Weight
• Core – E.g. Introduction to Core Training
• Freestyle – E.g. Introduction to TRX
• Feature – E.g. Foam Roller for Better Movement

Workshops are educational and practical. In 30 minutes you will learn how to train effectively and efficiently to achieve your goals. You will be introduced to new exercises, techniques and equipment.

You can expect to learn something new through practice and guidance from a qualified fitness professional. You will leave the session confident in using the equipment,and with techniques you can incorporate into your regular workout.

Find a workshop or visit reception to find out more and to book your session today.

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