The Keirin, The Individual Sprint & The Team Spirit


Want to train like Olympic indoor atheletes and pick up their techniques? A Fitness First Pro-Cycling class is for you.

Pro-Cycling is a set of three 30 minute group cycling classes themed around professional track cycling events. There are 3 classes: The Keirin, The Individual Sprint and The Team Spirit. All 3 classes are designed to maximise participants' results in the minimum amount of time. 



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We help you get maximum results in minimum time with Pro-Cycling's signature 30 minute workouts.


We inspire you to achieve more than you thought possible. Our instructor will be on hand to support you every step of the way.


There are 3 completely different workouts for all levels so you can decide which class suits your goals. Simply turn up and let us do the rest.

Group Effect

You can unleash your competitive and team spirit as you get supported by like minded members to push yourself to the limits.



The Keirin


A form of motor-paced cycle racing - cyclists sprint for victory following a speed controlled start behind a motorised pacer. Races are approximately 2 km long; 8 laps on a 250m track or 5 laps on a 400m track. Riders remain behind the racer for a predetermined number of laps. The pace continually increases before the motorised derny leaves the track, signalling a sprint to the finish.


The Individual Sprint


The Individual Sprint involves 2 riders going head to head over 3 laps, with the race taking a 'cat and mouse' approach. Riders can reach up to 75km/h, but tactics are just as important as speed. Competitors often deliberately start slowly to try and strategically position themselves before sprinting for the line over the final 200m.


The Team Spirit


Also known as the Olympic Sprint, the men's event includes a 3-man team trial held over 3 laps, with the women's event comprising of a 2-woman team trial held over 2 laps. 2 teams race against each other, starting on opposite sides of the track. At the end of each lap, the leading rider in each team pulls up on the banking leaving the next rider to lead the next lap until each team member has raced. he team with the fastest time is the winner.



1 Pro-Cycling is fun


There's a few more efficient cardiovascular workouts than a Pro-Cycling workout, but they ignores the fun aspect: you get to pretend you're an Olympic cyclist and learning the cycling training techniques that the pro's use. You forget you're there to get fit.

2 No longer than 30 minutes


Pro-Cycling is a set of three 30 minute group cycling classes, themed around professional track cycling events. All 3 programs are designed to maximise your results in the minimum amount of time. The 30 minute workouts also allow you to push past your perceived limitations all in a highly motivating environment. 


3 Ideal for the time-poor


Pro-Cycling is ideally suited for the time-poor member who wants a highly effective and efficient cardiovascular workout. It's perfect for members that enjoy structured workouts which will motivate them to push their limits.

4 Low impact, high intensity exercise


Pro-Cycling is popular with anyone seeking a low impact, high intensity workout. There is growing evidence demonstrating that the same or superior benefits are achieved by high intensity compared to continuous aerobic exercise.  Pro-Cycling is low impact, which means you aren't punishing your joints with jarring movements while you exercise. With indoor cycling your joints aren't absorbing any shocks from impact with the ground; your joints are constantly engaged in smooth movements while you pedal, making it a great way to get the benefits of high intensity training while being kind to your joints.

5 Amazing Instructors


We encourage our members to arrive at the class about 10 minutes early and introduce themselves to the instructor. This allows our instructor to appropriately set you up on a bike to ensure safety and efficiency when riding. The instructors will also take you through the basics of indoor cycling and what to expect. We also encourage you to approach the workout with a sense of purpose, determined to do their best.